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Meet the College Leadership Team and Program Chairs

College Leadership Team

Headshot of Dean Hisham Hegab, Ph.D.Dean, Dr. Hisham Hegab





Headshot of Mrs. Sylvia ShultzExecutive Office Manager, Mrs. Sylvia Shultz




Headshot of Dr. Bala "Ramu" RamachandranExecutive Associate Dean of Research, Dr. Bala "Ramu" Ramachandran

Headshot of Dr. Jenna CarpenterAssociate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Jenna Carpenter

Headshot of Dr. Jim PalmerAssociate Dean of Graduate Studies, Dr. Jim Palmer

Headshot of Dr. Eric GuilbeauAcademic Director of Biomedical Engineering and Chemical Engineering, Dr. Eric Guilbeau




Headshot of Dr. Lee SawyerAcademic Director of Chemistry, Nanosystems Engineering, and Physics, Dr. Lee Sawyer




Headshot of Dr. David HallAcademic Director of Civil Engineering, Construction Engineering Technology, and Mechanical Engineering, Dr. David Hall




Headshot of Dr. Sumeet DuaAcademic Director of Computer Science, Cyber Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electrical Engineering Technology, Dr. Sumeet Dua




Headshot of Dr. Katie EvansAcademic Director of Mathematics and Statistics and Industrial Engineering, Dr. Katie Evans




Headshot of Sharon EllisBudget Manager, Mrs. Sharon Ellis




Headshot of Gary StrebeckDirector of Development, Mr. Gary Strebeck




Undergraduate and Master's Program Chairs

Headshot of Dr. Steve JonesBiomedical Engineering, Dr. Steve Jones




Headshot of Dr. Daniela MainardiChemical Engineering, Dr. Daniela Mainardi




Headshot of Dr. Collin WickChemistry, Dr. Collin Wick




Headshot of Dr. Jay WangCivil Engineering, Dr. Jay Wang




Headshot of Dr. Jean GourdComputer Science, Dr. Jean Gourd




Headshot of Dr. Norm PumphreyConstruction Engineering Technology, Dr. Norm Pumphrey




Headshot of Dr. Travis AtkisonCyber Engineering, Dr. Travis Atkison




Headshot of Dr. Davis HarbourElectrical Engineering, Dr. Davis Harbour




Headshot of Dr. Glen DeasElectrical Engineering Technology, Dr. Glen Deas




Headshot of Dr. Jun-Ing KerIndustrial Engineering, Dr. Jun-Ing Ker




Headshot of Dr. Jinko KannoMathematics and Statistics, Dr. Jinko Kanno




Headshot of Dr. Henry CardenasMechanical Engineering, Dr. Henry Cardenas




Headshot of Dr. Sandra ZivanovicNanosystems Engineering, Dr. Sandra Zivanovic




Headshot of Dr. Kathleen Johnston

Physics, Dr. Kathleen Johnston





Ph.D. Program Chairs

Headshot of Dr. Weizhong DaiPh.D. in Computational Analysis and Modeling, Dr. Weizhong Dai



Headshot of Dr. Jim PalmerPh.D. in Engineering, Dr. Jim Palmer




Headshot of Dr. Bala "Ramu" RamachandranPh.D. in Molecular Sciences and Nanotechnology, Dr. Bala "Ramu" Ramchandran




Headshot of Dr. Eric GuilbeauPh.D. in Biomedical Engineering, Dr. Eric Guilbeau




Headshot of Dr. Neven SimicevicPh.D. in Engineering, Physics Concentration, Dr. Neven Simicevic