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College Deans: Barry A. Benedict

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1988-1998: Barry Benedict
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2004-2013: Stanley A. Napper

Dr. Barry A. Benedict served as Dean of the College of Engineering and Science at Louisiana Tech University from 1988 until 1998. He received his BS, MS, and PhD in civil engineering from the University of Florida. Dean Benedict’s tenure as Dean saw some difficult economic times early in his term. The economy of the state and of the nation was not in top form, and the College of Engineering and Science felt the pinch. Nevertheless, he did everything in his power to maximize the resources available to the College in order to make it an effective institution. One of his first accomplishments as Dean was the awarding of the first Eminent Scholars Chair to Tech’s engineering program. The College also saw the approval of four masters programs in engineering to be offered at Tech Bossier. This occurred in the fall of 1988. Some of his other accomplishments as Dean are the following:

1989-1992, AT&T Foundation, Advanced Manufacturing Directions

Board of Regents, State of Louisiana, Louisiana Educational Quality Support Fund, Recruitment of Superior Graduate Students

1988-1991, National Science Foundation, Louisiana EPSCoR Project, $1.8 million (P.I. since August, 1990)

1992-1995, National Science Foundation, Louisiana EPSCoR Project, $8.1 million, (P.I., funded)

His areas of specialization are:


Modeling of contaminant transport,

Unsteady flows,

Water resources, and

Salt water intrusion.

Dean Benedict was a regular contributor to Louisiana Tech Engineer magazine in its feature The Dean’s Corner. In each publication, Dean Benedict calmed the concerns of many within the College about economic concerns.

Benedict was also the Jack Thigpen Professor of Engineering. He resigned as Dean in 1988. Some of his research interests are listed below.

1969-1973, primarily involved, serving as Deputy Director, with about one-half million dollars of research funding granted by Environmental Protection Agency to Vanderbilt University, designated as the National Center for Research and Training in the Hydrologic and Hydraulics Aspects of Water Pollution Control. Research activities in thermal pollution (see publications for representative activities)

1974-1975, Principal Investigator, grant from Exxon Education Foundation for Implementation of Experimental Simulation in Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

1974-1975, Principal Investigator, contract with State of Tennessee to investigate waste assimilative capacity of the Cumberland River near Nashville, Tennessee

1975-1976, Principal Investigator, contract with Public Health Service to develop set of modules for education in fluoridation

1976-1978, United States Air Force, Office of Scientific Research, Principal Investigator, project entitled Application of a Near-Field Water Quality Model

1977, United States Air Force, Civil Engineering Center, Principal Investigator, project entitled Development of a Model for Spills of Toxic Materials

1978, Middle South Services, Inc., New Orleans, Louisiana, Principal Investigator, project to develop set of computer models for near-field analysis of thermal discharges into the Mississippi River

1979-1980, Middle South Services, Inc., New Orleans, Louisiana, Principal Investigator, Improvement of Existing Near-Field Thermal Discharge Models

1981, Reid, Quebe, Allison, Wilcox and Associates, Inc., and Huber, Hunt and Nichols, Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana, study of Head Loss Characteristics of Ozone Diffuser Assembly

1981-1982, Engineering and Industries Experiment Station, University of Florida, Development of Methods for the Simulation of Thermodynamic Processes in Solar Ponds, Principal Investigator (co-PI Dr. Hillel Rubin)

1981-1983, NSF International Scientific Equipment Program, Improvement of Undergraduate Hydraulics Laboratory

1981-1982, Sea Grant, Protection of Coastal Waters from Marina-Generated Pollution by Bubble Screens, Co-Principal Investigator (PI Dr. B. A. Christensen)

1982-1983, OWRT, Development of Simplified Models for the Simulation of Water Quality in Groundwater Systems (Co-PI Dr. Hillel Rubin)

1983-1984, OWRT, Extension of Simplified Models Developed for Groundwater Quality Simulation

1983-1985, St. Johns River Water Management District, Development of Models for Simulation of Saline Contamination of Aquifers

1983-1985, Florida Department of Transportation, An Improved Model for Analysis of Storm Sewer Systems

1984-1985, Florida Department of Transportation, Development of a Procedure for Estimating Tidally Influenced Discharges through Bridges and Culverts

U.S. Air Force, Environics Division, part of task force on Sorption Kinetics to prepare five-year research plan (P.I. Dr. James Heaney)