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College Deans: E. C. Barrett

1894-1901: Professor Herget
1901-1903: Harry Gwinner
1903-1907: R.W. Selvidge
1907-1910: William B. Hamilton
1910-1918: Frank Bogard
1918-1923: W. L. Mitchell
1923-1937: Frank Bogard
1937-1938: J. T. Folk
1938-1940: E. C. Barrett
1940-1942: Roy T. Sessums
1942-1945: Harley J. Nethken
1945-1952: Roy T. Sessums
1952-1976: Ben Bogard
1976-1982: Jack Thigpen
1982-1987: C. Ray Wimberly
1987-1988: R. Michael Harnett
1988-1998: Barry Benedict
1998-2004: Leslie K. Guice
2004-2013: Stanley A. Napper

E. C. Barrett was a Chemical Engineering graduate of Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute. He later received his masters degree from Columbia University. Dean Barrett was a member of the Phi Lambda Upsilon, an associate member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, and was a registered engineer in the state of West Virginia. Dean Barrett had considerable teaching experience, having been an Assistant in the department of chemistry at Columbia University, and an Assistant Professor at West Virginia University, before accepting his position as Dean of the School of Engineering. He also worked professionally with General Electric, National Lead Company, and other important major concerns for over twelve years. He was appointed Dean of the School of Engineering of Louisiana Polytechnic University in the fall of 1938, and served in this position until his resignation in 1940.