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College Deans: William B. Hamilton

1894-1901: Professor Herget
1901-1903: Harry Gwinner
1903-1907: R.W. Selvidge
1907-1910: William B. Hamilton
1910-1918: Frank Bogard
1918-1923: W. L. Mitchell
1923-1937: Frank Bogard
1937-1938: J. T. Folk
1938-1940: E. C. Barrett
1940-1942: Roy T. Sessums
1942-1945: Harley J. Nethken
1945-1952: Roy T. Sessums
1952-1976: Ben Bogard
1976-1982: Jack Thigpen
1982-1987: C. Ray Wimberly
1987-1988: R. Michael Harnett
1988-1998: Barry Benedict
1998-2004: Leslie K. Guice
2004-2013: Stanley A. Napper

William B. Hamilton was the fourth dean of the department of Engineering and Science. He got his B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Alabama Polytechnic institute, where he later became an instructor in woodwork (1902-1903). He left academia and went to work as a mechanical draftsman for Hardie-Tynes Manufacturing Company, in Birmingham, Alabama. In 1905, he moved to Toronto, where he worked as head draftsman for John Inglis Company. He worked in Toronto for only a year before moving to Corliss, Wisconsin, and worked as a mechanical draftsman and engineer for the Wisconsin Engine Company from 1905-1907. In 1907, he went back into the academic field when he moved to Ruston, Louisiana to become the superintendent (Dean) of the Mechanic Arts Department of Louisiana Industrial Institute.

Unfortunately, there is not much record of his stay in Ruston, due to a fire at the Old Main building.