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History: Firsts of the College

1898 First Graduate

Harry C. Boyd - Bachelor of Industry


1913 First Engineering Degree

J. B. Bradley, Sr. (Engr.)


1915 First Specific Discipline Degree



1924 First Mechanical Engineering Degree

James M. Murphy (M/E) (Mechanical/Electrical)
Harold Beckmam


1928 First Electrical Engineering Degree



1942 First Chemical Engineering Degrees



1948 First Female Engineering Graduate

Virginia Louise Warren


1951 First Agricultural Engineering Degree

Leon R. Butler


1952 First Petroleum Engineering Degrees



1956 First Geology Degrees



1959 First Industrial Engineering Degrees



1959 First Masters Degree

Henry L. Ehrlich, Jr.


1970 First Computer Science Degrees



1970 First Civil Engineering Technology Degree

Edward C. Dalyrymple, Jr.


1970 First Black Engineering Graduate

Roosevelt Hattin, Jr. (ME)


1971 First Ph.D.s



1972 First Land Surveying Technology Degree

Michael L. Hiers


1973 First Black Science Graduate

Marietta W. Leonard (Math)


1974 First Electrical Engineering Technology Degrees



1975 First Biomedical Engineering Degrees



1975 First Information Technology Degrees



1975 First Petroleum Engineering Technology Degrees



1977 First Mechanical Engineering Technology Degrees



1980 First Drafting Technology Degrees



2005 Nanosystems Engineering Degree Offered



2007 First Nanosystems Engineering Degree

Josh Brown


2012 Cyber Engineering Degree Offered