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Biomedical Engineering

Assistive Technology Services

The Center for Rehabilitation Engineering Science Technology (CREST) operates a comprehensive program in developing and applying technology in rehabilitation. This program is funded at the state and national levels and has a national and international reputation. Laboratories serving this program include:

Driver Assessment

The center provides a complete evaluation of an individual's potential to operate a motor vehicle. An individualized prescription includes recommendations for vehicle selection, appropriate adaptive aids and devices, and vehicle modifications.

Seating and Positioning/Mobility

The Seating and Positioning Clinic addresses the seating and corrective postural needs of individuals with severe physical disabilities. Clinical staff can prescribe a wheelchair seating system to provide better body alignment, normalize muscle tone, and inhibit abnormal reflexes.

Augmentative Communication

The Augmentative Communication Program provides comprehensive evaluations for persons who are unable to use speech and/or writing to fully meet their communication needs. The interdisciplinary team includes a speech pathologist, occupational therapist, and adaptive equipment specialist. The augmentative communication laboratory is equipped with numerous communication aids that reflect the most recent advances in technology.

Assistive Devices Information

Center staff maintain a current collection of catalogs, brochures and print material on special equipment for persons with physical challenges. Cost and purchase information are provided as well as valuative data, when available. The center also has access to the ABLE DATA network and is a primary dissemination point for the CONET desktop database.

Independent Living Skills

Clinical staff at the center evaluates an individual's ability to perform activities of daily living while using adaptive equipment or compensatory techniques. Numerous assistive devices are used during the evaluation including aids for eating, cooking, dressing, bathing and controlling appliances.


A special dormitory is provided in the Biomedical Engineering Complex for severely disabled students at Louisiana Tech University. This facility provides all needed assistance and special access to Center staff.

Field Services

Rehabilitation engineers on staff with the Center travel throughout the state visiting disabled clients in their homes, schools, or worksites. After a careful evaluation, the goal of the engineer is to provide practical and economical solutions to the client's problems.