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Biomedical Engineering

Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering: Comprehensive Examination


This examination is required and is administered near the end of the course work period. Satisfactory completion of this examination is necessary before the graduate student is admitted to candidacy for the Ph.D. degree in Biomedical Engineering. The examination will be prepared by the members of the student's Advisory Committee. The Chairman will take responsibility for requesting members of the committee to prepare questions for subject areas based on the Plan of Study. It is the student's responsibility to schedule the exact date for each part of the exam with the individual committee members. Each part of the exam may be written or oral (depending on the committee member preparing the exam). An oral examination will be conducted before the entire committee after completion of all parts of the examination. The purpose of this oral exam is to enable the student to clarify or amplify answers to individual test sections and to allow the committee to evaluate synthesis and integration skills. Each part of the exam will be scored as 'Pass', 'Marginal', or 'Fail' by the responsible Committee Members. The successful candidate must receive a 'Pass' grade over 60% of the subject areas with no more than 20% 'Fail'. This examination cannot be taken more than two times. The program faculty recommends that Ph.D. students devote a minimum of six weeks in preparation for the comprehensive examination.