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Biomedical Engineering

Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering: Dissertation Research and Defense

Graduate education in Biomedical Engineering at Louisiana Tech University enables the student to add depth to his/her abilities and to broaden the ability to understand and address scientific problems. At the doctoral level, the student should be able to understand the true significance of the work, while focusing on a set of problems or a larger problem than previously possible. The research is expected to produce a significant, original contribution to a specific problem. This education prepares the student for a successful career in research or technical development within a topic area. After the dissertation research has been completed, the graduate student is required to prepare a scholarly written dissertation for approval by the Advisory Committee and subsequent submission to the Graduate School. This is done under the direction and supervision of the Advisory Committee with the Chairperson acting as the Committee's representative. The dissertation is defended orally before the Advisory Committee and interested faculty and students.

Faculty Research Areas