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Biomedical Engineering

Ph.D. Program Course Requirements


For the Ph.D. degree, 48 SCH of coursework are required beyond the B.S. degree. The plan must include five core courses:
BIEN 500 Systems Physiology 4SCH,
BIEN 510 Biomedical Instrumentation 4SCH,
BIEN 501 Physiological Modeling 4SCH,
BIEN 610 Doctoral Enhancement Seminar 3SCH, and
STAT 505 Statistics for Engineering and Science 3SCH.

Additional graduate courses will be selected from Engineering (Biomedical Engineering, and other Engineering disciplines), Science (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology), and Mathematics, as noted below, based on interest and applicability to research projects. Graduate courses outside of these specified Science, Engineering and Mathematics (SEM) areas may be considered only if they are determined to be necessary to the student's research project. For the Ph.D. degree, up to two non-SEM courses will be allowed. At least two thirds of the coursework on the plan of study (not counting BIEN 651) must be in engineering and math or statistics. The course requirements for the Ph.D. degree are summarized below:
Biomedical Engineering Core Courses 18SCH (detailed above),
Other Math/Stat 3SCH (minimum),
Additional Engineering 15SCH (minimum),
Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Computer Science Up to 18SCH, and
Courses from other disciplines Up to 6SCH.

Changes to the Plan of Study

A plan of study may need to be changed in response to changing conditions within the college (such as the offering of a new course, or the discontinuation of an existing course) and changing needs of the student. If the student must substitute a course for one that is not listed on the current plan of study, a new plan of study must be filed before the last day of classes of the quarter in which the substitute course is being taught. If the new plan is not filed within the deadline, it will not be possible to retroactively use the course as a substitute on the plan of study.


It is the responsibility of each student and committee chairperson to make sure that guidelines are followed. Plans of study will be reviewed by the Ph.D. Program Coordinator before submission to College of Engineering and Science Research and Graduate Studies office.

All Ph.D. students will be enrolled in BIEN 610 each year. Registration for the course (3 SCH) will be automatically completed for Fall quarter, and an Incomplete ("I") grade will be assigned until the Spring quarter. A total of 3 hours credit for BIEN 610 can be counted toward the degree. In addition, students that were required to take ENGR 589C (Engineering Doctoral Seminar) may count an additional 3SCH on their plan of study.

Up to 6SCH of independent study courses (BIEN 550) can be taken by the student and applied toward their degree coursework requirements. Students who wish to take an independent study must consult with the instructor for the material that they wish to learn, and must complete an "Offering of Independent Study" form (download doc). The form must be signed by both the student and the instructor, and a copy must be sent to the Biomedical Engineering Program Chair. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that this form has been received by the program chair. In the case of an independent study, the instructor serves as a consultant to the student and is not obligated to remind the student of his/her responsibilities, beyond establishing deliverables and clarifying them when necessary. It is the responsibility of the student to obtain the necessary materials and to ensure that all requirements are met before the end of the quarter.