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Biomedical Engineering

Ph.D. Program Objectives and Outcomes


The following are expected outcomes for graduates of the Ph.D. program, and the tools used to achieve and measure these outcomes.

1) Command of advanced engineering principles and their applications in medicine and biology.

a. Three 4SCH core courses

i. BIEN 500: Systems Physiology for Engineers
ii. BIEN 510: Biomedical Instrumentation
iii. BIEN 501: Biosystems Modeling

b. Qualifying exam: A common written exam, offered in the Fall quarter of each year.

c. Critical review of relevant biomedical and clinical science and engineering literature: Intended as an early start on the dissertation and proposal, a thorough review of previous work relevant to the proposed research project. (Part of BIEN 610 requirements).

2) Understand the research process and be capable of independent research.

a. Seminar: BIEN 610 will provide exposure to cutting-edge research and discussion of research-related issues.

b. Dissertation proposal and proposal defense: Proposal must include discussion of general significance and potential funding sources. This document must follow guidelines and explicitly address criteria of NIH or NSF, and relation to funding agency mission and interests will be discussed during the proposal defense.

c. Dissertation: A significant written contribution to biomedical engineering knowledge; a unique and carefully executed theoretical and/or experimental study of an important problem that advances the field.

d. Defense: Public oral defense of the written work.

e. Grant proposals: Substantial contribution to the preparation of a research grant proposal, under the direction of advisor or other faculty member.

f. Intellectual property protection: Identification of valuable intellectual products developed as part of dissertation research, protection by preparation and submission of invention report(s).

 3) Disseminate their research findings to the broader scientific community.

a. Seminar: Senior students will give conference-style presentations as part of BIEN 610.

b. Poster presentation at the annual Biomedical Engineering Research Day (May).

c. Conference presentations (min 1 poster, 1 platform) on dissertation research topic at a pre-approved professional meeting.

d. Publication in peer-reviewed journal (min 1 accepted).

 4) Develop a sense of professional ethics, responsibility, and service.

a. Seminar: BIEN 610 will include annual lectures and discussions on ethics.

b. Significant contribution to the instructional program through teaching, teaching assistance, student peer mentoring, or other service activity.