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Biomedical Engineering

Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering


The program consists of a minimum of 48 hours credit in formal course work, exclusive of research and dissertation, beyond the baccalaureate. A minimum of 15 hours must be earned in Biomedical Engineering 651, Research and Dissertation. In addition to the qualifying examination, the Comprehensive Examination is taken at or near the end of completion of formal course work, and a defense of the dissertation is presented after the doctoral research has been completed.

It is expected the graduate student will follow the approved Plan of Study. Minor deviation from the Plan of Study must be approved by the Advisory Committee Chairperson acting on the behalf of the Committee. Substantial deviation must be approved by the Advisory Committee and reflected in an approved revision of the Plan of Study. See the Louisiana Tech University Bulletin (catalog) for additional information regarding grade requirements, grading system, student loads, transfer credits, residence requirements, and time limits.

Information on Graduate Level Courses in Biomedical Engineering