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Biomedical Engineering

Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering: Qualifying Examination


The Ph.D. Qualifying Examination will be offered in October of each year. The faculty members will submit questions for the exam and will be responsible for grading the questions. Each question will be evaluated numerically on a 0-10 scale and assigned a letter score: P - Pass; M - Marginal; and F - Fail. The program's faculty will be responsible for evaluating each students entire exam. The committees options will be Pass or Fail (no retest after second attempt). Part I will cover topics from the program's core courses which are:

Systems Physiology for Biomedical Engineers (BIEN 500)

Physiological Modeling I and II (BIEN 501 and BIEN 503)

Bioinstrumentation (BIEN 510)

Biometry and Biostatistics.

Part II will cover topics from traditional undergraduate courses. The student must select four areas from the list below with one of the areas consisting of a mathematics topic.

1. Calculus and Analytical Geometry
2. Chemistry
3. Circuits
4. Controls
5. Differential Equation
6. Dynamics
7. Electromagnetic Theory
8. Fluid Mechanics
9. Heat and Mass Transfer
10. Linear Algebra
11. Materials
12. Numerical Analysis
13. Signal Processing
14. Thermodynamics
15. Waves and Oscillations
16. Semi Conductor Physics

The testing procedures are as follows.

1. The exam must be taken within the department area.
2. The exam will be open book (no notebooks).
3. The exam will consist of two parts; the two parts may be taken at different times.