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Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES)

As the professional organization for Biomedical Engineering students, the Louisiana Tech Chapter of Biomedical Engineering Society plays an important role in preparing our undergraduate students for their career objectives beyond the bachelor degree. The Department encourages student participation in this organization and requires that students enrolled in Biomedical Engineering 100 (Biomedical Engineering Orientation) attend at least two BME meetings. The organization sponsors speakers, field trips, social events, and participates in activities at the college and university levels. Speakers have included practicing biomedical engineers and physicians, faculty and professional staff from the Department, undergraduate students, and graduate students. Recent field trips were taken to Houston, TX (NASA, McDonnell-Douglas, General Electric, AstroWorld), Jackson, MS(Mississippi Baptist Medical Center, University of Mississippi Medical Center), San Antonio, TX (Southwest Research Institute). The Tech Chapter received its fourth Meritorious Award at the 1995 BMES Annual Conference.

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