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Biomedical Engineering

B.S. in Biomedical Engineering Curriculum

The curriculum emphasizes a strong fundamental engineering education through a balance of basic sciences, engineering sciences, analysis, design, laboratory and computer experience, oral and written communication, and humanities and social science. The program provides medical and biological instruction in typical premedical courses and engineering instruction in selected fundamental engineering courses. The Louisiana Tech College of Engineering and Science has built an outstanding reputation for excellent undergraduate engineering instruction. These two types of training are integrated by a series of coordinated biomedical engineering courses taught at the sophomore, junior and senior academic levels.

In order to provide depth and focus in technical abilities, undergraduate biomedical engineering students are required to specialize in one of the following traditional engineering areas: chemical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering or computer information systems.

A separate track is available for students planning to attend medical school.

A clinical engineering internship has been developed with several hospitals in a multi-state area. The optional program provides a comprehensive experience, including a design project and clinical rotations. The interns spend one quarter of study in the hospital system under the supervision of the clinical engineering department at the site, receiving wages and college credit.


Pre-Fall 2016

Fall 2016 to Present