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Campaign Goals for the New Integrated Engineering and Science Building

Fundraising Thermometer, seven point five million raised, reaching the seven point five million dollar goal

The Integrated Engineering and Science Building will be located adjacent to Nethken Hall and will feature new active learning class labs, shops and meeting rooms for engineering, math and science classes. Construction costs for the proposed building are estimated at $15M (2009 estimate). Subsequently, renovations and improvements to Bogard Hall will be planned. Funding requests include:
$7.5M from private/external support and
$7.5M from state capital outlay.

Current Status

(May 2014) - 7.5 million dollars in gifts and pledges

Campaign Timeline

2007-08: Campaign Feasibility Study
2008-10: Search for Lead Donors, Economic Downturn
2010-12: Launch and Conduct Public Campaign through Web, E-mail, Letters, Annual Report
2012-14: Final Years of Campaign