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Naming Opportunities

Large Capital Needs

•Atrium - $1M (Taken by KingTool Company)

•Integrated STEM Education Research Center - $500K (Taken by Tim and Elaine Petrus)

•DOW Innovative Ideas Room (Taken by DOW)

•Outdoor Student Collaboration Corridor - $200K
(South End - $100K Taken by Ron Harrell)
(North End - $100K Taken by Jim and Mary Terrill)

•Large Auditorium Space- $400K (Taken by American Electric Power Foundation)

•K12 Education/Outreach Center - $250K- AVAILABLE

Classrooms and Laboratories

•Freshmen Engineering Class Lab (2)- $250K each- 1 AVAILABLE

#1. Taken by Zeffrey and Mindy Lucas

•Sophomore Engineering Class Lab (3) - $250K

#1. Taken by Eastman Chemical Company
#2. Taken by HGA for Dr. Jack Canterbury/HGA Sophomore Class Lab
#3. Taken by DOW

•Chemistry Science Labs (3) - $250K each

•Taken by DOW for the DOW Chemistry Suite

•Physics Class Labs (2) - $250K each- 2 AVAILABLE

•Math Classrooms (3) - $50K each- 1 AVAILABLE

#1. Taken by Eastman Chemical Company
#2. Taken by Bill and Nancy Slack

Collaboration/Meeting Rooms (7) - $25K each

#1. Taken by Mac McBride
#2. Taken by Hilton and Carolyn Nicholson
#3.  Taken by O.V. "Chip" and Carolyn Woodard
#4. Taken by Ed McGough
#5. Taken by Clark and Gayle Magee Red
#6. Taken by HGA for Jay Guillot Collaboration Room
#7. Taken by HGA for Don Plummer Collaboration Room

Student Support

•Office of Women in Science and Engineering - $100K (Taken by Sandy Johnson)

•Folk Student Achievement Center - $100K (Taken by Thomas Folk)

•Office of Student Success Specialist Support - $100K (Taken by George and Jean Baldwin)

•Student Outreach Center - $100K- AVAILABLE

Faculty Office Spaces (10) - $25K each- 0 AVAILABLE

#1. Taken By Mike Pearson
#2. Also Taken By Mike Pearson
#3. Taken by O.V. "Chip" and Carolyn Woodard
#4. Taken by John B. and Mary Roddey
#5. Taken by Bill and Sharon Bailey
#6. Taken by William Brown, IV
#7. Taken by Orion Marine Group
#8. Taken by Orion Marine Group
#9. Taken by EDG
#10. Taken by Tom Muse

First Floor Conference Room - $50K (One-Half Taken by Jerry Hudson, One-Half Taken by Roger Danzy)