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Computational Analysis & Modeling

Core Requirements and Courses

Typically 72 hours of graduate work will be required for the degree. The Core consists of 15 graduate hours of mathematics and statistics, 9 graduate hours of computer science, and 9 graduate hours of a third area, called the area of application, chosen from Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Statistics, Forestry, Finance or a participating engineering discipline. An initial plan of study must be submitted by the end of the second quarter of study. The remaining 39 hours of graduate work will consist of courses designated by the student's committee, including research hours for the dissertation.

The student need not write a dissertation in his/her area of application. The dissertation may be written in Mathematics, Computer Science, or possibly another area included in this program. The topic of the dissertation will be called the area of specialization.

Core Courses

MATHEMATICS: Numerical Analysis, Math 414 and Math 415. Any three from the following courses:

PDE: Math 407; Numerical Methods for PDEs: Math 574; Theory of Probability: Stat 620; Theory of Statistics: Stat 621

Higher-numbered math courses may be substituted for core courses in mathematics, at the discretion of the student's committee.

COMPUTER SCIENCE: The core courses comprise CS 428, CS 438, and any advanced course.

The total hours of above three courses are 9.