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Computational Analysis & Modeling


The Computational Analysis and Modeling program currently has research and teaching labs that provide powerful tools to faculty and students. These labs include a Parallel Computing Lab, Unix Lab, PC Lab, and Visualization Lab. The computer systems consist of a supercomputer, workstations and personal computers.

Super Computer

16 CPU
4 GB memory
80 GB Hard Disk
SGI Origin2000 Parallel Computer
Location: Carson-Taylor Hall-132

Work Stations

20 SGI Workstations
13 Sun Workstations
1 IBM Workstation
Location: Carson-Taylor Hall-140, Nethken Hall-142, Nethken Hall-234

Personal Computers

50 PCs (Dell, GateWay, Compaq)
4 GB Hard Disk
64MB Memory
Location: Carson-Taylor Hall-140, Nethken Hall-244, Bogard Hall-236, Bogard Hall-404

Equipment for Visualization

SGI O2 Workstation
JVC Record System
Digital Projector
Gateway Destination
Location: Carson-Taylor Hall-138, Carson-Taylor Hall-132