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CBERS Safety

BME Access Request Procedures

Whether it is to conduct research with a professor, or to complete a course requiring special lab access, each student or new faculty member wishing to do so within the new biomedical engineering building MUST complete the BME SAFETY TRAINING.

Training is now offered online on Moodle. Students and faculty should have their accounts already set up.

Login at https://cas.latech.edu/cas/login?service=http%3A%2F%2Fmoodle.latech.edu%2Flogin%2Findex.php

Step 1: Click “ALL courses” in the left panel under the MY COURSES tab.
Step 2: Click “Miscellaneous”
Step 3: In the search box type “BME Safety”
Step 4: Click on the course.
Step 5: Complete the power point presentation- noting the instructions at the end of the course.
Step 6: Complete the quiz- you must make 100% to print the certificate. You may complete this as many times as necessary.
Step 7: Print, Sign, and complete: Certificate, Access Request Form, and Student agreement, and bring to Emily Born- BME 129 or leave in the box outside the door.

CBERS IDs are printed at tech express for $6 and fob/keys are purchased at IFM for $20. Once forms are received, give offices a minimum of 2 days to process your request.

If you have questions or problems contact Emily Born/BME Safety Officer at 318-257-5206.

Lab Safety

Each lab member is responsible for following all policies and procedures associated with making the lab a safe environment for all. Students working in a professor’s research lab must sign and return the:

PI and Grad Student Guidelinesform. These forms can be turned into the safety officer or department director.

Quarterly lab inspections will be performed by the safety officer, and reported to the director. Any infractions must be corrected immediately. Uncorrected issues, and blatant disregard of the rules will result in the cut-off of student/faculty lab access. The inspection will consist of the following checklist- please check this sheet to be sure your lab meets requirements.

If you need to report a building problem or hazard please contact Emily Born at eborn@latech.edu or call 318-257-5206.

Other Considerations: Other approval needed?

For research involving human subjects, animals, biohazards, ethical concerns be sure to check with various compliance committees on the office or research page.