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Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering Lab

Chemical engineering students at Louisiana Tech learn that safety is the highest priority at the Chemical Engineering Laboratory. The Chemical Engineering Laboratory is an open bay, two-story 3,400 square foot work area dedicated to chemical engineering. Students work in small teams and with the lab instructor when in the laboratory (small class sizes allow for one-on-one interaction with the students).

We have a real-world focus with a hands-on application of the unit operations students learn in the classrooms.  Lab experiments deal with evaporation, heat exchangers of various types, absorption, distillation, drying, reactors, fluid flow, pumping systems, and process control.  Before graduation, each student will have completed 13 unit operations based experiments plus the process control lab.

Lab reports help prepare the students for effective communication to their peers and managers.  The lab compliments intern experiences and helps prepare the chemical engineers for their positions in industry.

Equipment Used in the Junior Lab

Cooling Tower
Distillation Column – Small
Falling Ball Viscometer
Heat Exchangers – Bench Top
Pressure Loss in Piping Network System
Series and Parallel Pumps
Tray Dryer

Equipment Used in the Senior Lab

Absorption Column
Distillation Column –  Large
Double Effect Evaporator
Heat Exchangers – Large
Tubular Reactor

Equipment Used in Process Control Systems

Process Control Systems