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Civil Engineering

M.S.E. with concentration in Civil Engineering


The M.S. in Engineering (M.S.E.) at Louisiana Tech offers students the opportunity to specialize in different areas of Civil Engineering by taking a certain number of courses in that area and by conducting research leading to a thesis or a practicum in that area. The student must complete the curriculum by the approval of his or her advisory committee.

Important Dates

1. Plan of Study including Option Selected- Due by the end of the first quarter
2. Appointment of Advisory Committee- Due by the end of the first quarter
3. Proposal (for Thesis, Practicum)- Due by the end of the second quarter of enrollment
4. CVEN550A/B/C (If Approved by the Advisory Committee)- Proposal/Schedule/Abstract due by the end of the second week of the quarter


Plan of Study

Appointment of Advisory Committee


More Information on Graduate Studies in the College of Engineering & Science

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