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M.S. in Computer Science

The Master's program in computer science at Louisiana Tech has two tracks: a 30 unit program including thesis and a 36 unit program. The thesis option is highly encouraged. Below are typical plans of study for each approach:

Thesis Option

4 core courses
4 elective courses
2 thesis courses

Non-Thesis Option

4 core courses
8 elective courses

Required Core Courses

CSC 520 Advanced Analysis of Algorithms and Complexity
CSC 521 Advanced Computer Architectures
CSC 532 Advanced Topics in Software Engineering
ENGR 501 Research Methods

Elective Courses

All elective courses have to be approved by the student's advisor. They can be chosen among CSC 4XX-G courses (except CSC 428 and CSC 438) and CSC 5XX courses or above. At least 21 credit hours have to be earned in courses only open to graduate students (5XX and above). Up to two courses (six hours) can be chosen in a related area (outside of Computer Science). The currently approved courses outside of Computer Science are:

MATH 435 Introduction to Graph Theory,
MATH 535 Graph Theory,
MATH 574 Numerical Solutions for PDE I, and
MATH 575 Numerical Solutions for PDE II.


Preference for assistantship is given to students pursuing the thesis option. If a student has been given an assistantship on admission, such an assistantship may not be extended if the student has not had his/her thesis plan approved by a graduate advisor within three terms. During any term for which a student receives an assistantship, that student cannot exceed a six credit-hour course load without advisor approval.