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Construction Engineering Technology

Construction Engineering Technology Facilities

The Construction Engineering Technology Program is housed in two buildings located directly across Arizona Street from each other. Most of the faculty are located in Bogard Hall, the main engineering building on campus. Three faculty and the Trenchless Technology Center are located in the second floor of the Engineering Annex. The first floor of Bogard Hall contains mostly laboratory space and one Construction Engineering Technology Program faculty office, the second floor contains faculty offices (most of the program faculty are located in the northeast corner of the second floor), the third floor contains classrooms and computer laboratories, and the fourth floor contains graduate student offices. Faculty offices are relatively spacious. Classroom space is shared across all university programs. Classes for humanities, communications, math and sciences are held in the designated classrooms of various departments throughout the campus. Most of the classrooms will seat between 30 and 50 students, although the number of students per class is generally smaller. Most Construction Engineering Technology program classes are taught in Bogard Hall. Office and laboratory space are allocated by the COES Space Team. There has been considerable shuffling of research and teaching laboratory space in the last three or four years, but movements have stabilized with the completion of construction of the integrated curriculum classroom/laboratories on the third floor of Bogard Hall.

The Construction Engineering Technology teaching laboratories are conveniently located on the first floor of Bogard Hall. The total area of laboratory space dedicated to Construction Engineering Technology is approximately 10,000 sq ft. In addition, the materials testing laboratory is shared with other programs in the College.

Laboratory equipment used in the undergraduate Construction Engineering Technology Program is adequate primarily due to several recent gifts to the College by former students. Recent additions include a twenty five thousand pound tensile machine and eight new total stations and ten self-leveling levels for the surveying laboratory, three new semi-automated consolidometers for the geotechnical laboratory, and a new concrete mixer. Laboratory equipment used in the MEMT 206 Statics and Strength of Materials course has been developed by the Civil and Mechanical Engineering faculty to support demonstrations and actual student participation in various experiments to demonstrate different aspects of force, strain, and deflection measurements. Equipment for these experiments has been designed by the faculty and fabricated by the COES machine shop. Construction Engineering Technology Program and Civil Engineering contributed significantly to the establishment of the Computer-Aided Design Laboratory in Bogard Hall 301. Twenty new high-end Dell 4100 computers were installed in the fall of 2000. This facility is available to all students taking upper division courses. Computers in Bogard Hall 323 are also being upgraded. Recent purchases of software have extended the programs available for student use in the general curriculum. These purchases included StormCAD from Haestad Methods, Visual Analysis from Integrated Engineering Software. Also, our students use PRIMAVERA Project Planner and SURETRAK. In addition, individual students are able to purchase individual Mathcad licenses very inexpensively. Also, our students receive the student version of "HeavyBid Express" software provided by Heavy Construction Systems Specialists, Inc. The software is widely used in estimating and job tracking for infrastructure construction.

All computers in computer laboratories are networked. Network docking stations are provided for students owning laptop computers and entering freshmen are strongly advised to purchase a laptop computer. The University licenses the Blackboard course management system to provide secure web-based distribution of course handouts, grade posting and various types of student-teacher interaction.

Bogard Hall 102 - Survey Equipment Room
Bogard Hall 109 - Geotechnical Lab
Bogard Hall 114 - Materials Testing Lab
Bogard Hall 115 - Materials Characterization Lab
Bogard Hall 117 - Hydraulics Lab
Bogard Hall 122 & 126 - Trenchless Technology Pipe Liner Test Facility
Bogard Hall 136 - Concrete Preparation Area
Bogard Hall 301 - Student Computer Lab
Bogard Hall 323 - Student Computer Lab/ AutoCad Lab
Bogard Hall 328 - Systems Multimedia Pre-lab lectures