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Making a Desk and Chair Selection

Imagine shopping at a car dealership that only offered pictures of vehicles and a sales person that would tell you about the features of such vehicles.  Then based on his or her experience he or she might say, “I know which would be best for you, I don’t have a picture of it, but I am sure you would like and it should work out for you.”  We would never consider buying a car under these circumstances.  We would want to go to a dealer that had a selection of vehicles to drive.

Now imagine the same for a task chair in which you may be sitting several hours a day.  For chairs we still look at pictures and recommend based on experience.  Wouldn't it be better to have of several types chairs that a person could try out to see if that chair would work for them?

Office Evaluation Station

During office evaluations, inappropriate work stations and task chairs are often seen. While selecting a work table is not that difficult, consumers often have a hard time envisioning a work table as opposed to a desk, especially if the table is not a typical rectangle. Chairs are much more difficult to recommend without allowing the person who is going to use the chair a short trial period.

The best case scenario is to have an office set-up that will allow the demonstration of adjustable office work tables (desks) and different types of office chairs. Consumers are able to come, see and try different equipment. In turn, they are better able to select an appropriate piece for their situation.

Work Tables

The SIS line of work tables was selected because for one all the adjustable tables can be adjusted manually and can have a power motor installed at any time if needed.  The adjusting crank is on the table top and can adjust the table without having to clear it first.

Other adjustable tables have the adjusting crank in the front, which can be a hazard since it sticks out and can easily hit a person's leg. Other tables have the adjustable crank under the table top, usually at the back. A large number of tables can be adjusted manually by turn bolts on the uprights, however it requires at least two persons to do this and the table must be clear on top.




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