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Rehabilitation Services

711 South Vienna, Ruston, LA 71270 *Phone: 318-257-4562/Toll Free (LA only) 800-310-4251 *Fax: 318-255-4175 *E-mail: crest@latech.edu

CREST provides Assistive Technology assessment and training services for consumers with disabilities. These services are available statewide through our Center in Ruston or in our satellite offices in New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Lafayette.

Rehabilitation Program Areas

Headshot of Marty GallagherActivities of Daily Living Program

Ms. Marty Gallagher, (BRB 214)

The activities of Daily Living Program conducts evaluations of an individual's daily needs in the areas of transfers, bathing, dressing, housekeeping, personal hygiene and environmental controls. Specifications for the adaptive equipment to enhance the consumer's independence are provided.

Computer Access

(BRB 215)

The Computer Access Program provides an in-depth assessment of an individual's ability to operate a computer with adaptive hardware or specialized software programs. Once an appropriate system is determined, system set-up and software installation and training are available.

Headshot of Janice GirouardDriver Rehabilitation Program

Ms. Janice Girouard, (BRB 213)

The Driver Rehabilitation Program provides a comprehensive evaluation of an individual's potential to operate a motor vehicle. The process includes a clinical assessment of the consumer's visual, cognitive and psychomotor skills and a behind-the-wheel assessment to determine the types of adaptive equipment and vehicle modifications necessary for driving.

Headshot of Marty GallagherSeating and Wheeled Mobility Program

Ms. Marty Gallagher,(BRB 214)

The Seating and Wheeled Mobility Program conducts assessments to determine the most appropriate seating system and mobility device to accommodate an individual's needs at home, school or work. According to each individual's needs, specifications for scooters, manual wheelchairs or power wheelchairs are provided.

Headshot of Marvin KingWheelchair Transportation Program

Mr. Marvin King, (BRB 216)

The Wheelchair Transportation Program provides an evaluation of a consumer's wheelchair and scooter transportation needs. For those transporting unoccupied systems, recommendations for loading and unloading the device are provided. For individuals who must ride in their wheelchair in a vehicle, specifications for vehicle modifications and occupant protection systems are provided.

Headshot of Kimberly PaceRehabilitation Engineering Field Services

Ms. Kimberly Pace, Senior Rehabilitation Engineer, New Orleans, LA

Provides Rehabilitation Services in New Orleans and Houma, Louisiana. The primary services available under this program include evaluations for enhanced accessibility of an individual's home, school and work sites. The evaluators will conduct on-site surveys for accessibility and provide the specifications and plans to be used by contractors performing the work. In addition to the Ruston location, Rehabilitation Engineers are located in New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Lafayette.

Headshot of Ricardo Cerna Mr. Ricardo Cerna, Rehabilitation Engineer

Ruston, LA, BRB 210

Provides rehabilitation services in Shreveport and Alexandria, Louisiana.


Headshot of Brad Marsh Mr. Brad Marsh, Rehabilitation Technology Specialist

Shreveport, LA

Provides assessments for home, worksite, and computer access in Northwest Louisiana.


Ms. Krista Scurria, Rehabilitation Technology Specialist

Baton Rouge, LA, 3651 Cedarcrest, Room 36

Provides rehabilitation services in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.



Ms. Jessica Wingard, Rehabilitation Technology Specialist

Ruston, LA, BRB 215


CREST Administrative Staff

Mr. Michael Shipp, CREST Center Director

Headshot of Michael Shipp

Ruston, LA, BRB 201

Ms. Peggy Hale, Administrative Assistant

Headshot of Peggy Hale

Ruston, LA, BRB 202

Ms. Patricia Acosta, Receptionist

Ruston, LA, BRB 117