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Rehabilitation Service

The primary mission of the Comprehensive Center for Rehabilitation Technology is to provide Assistive Technology assessment and training services to consumers with disabilities. Through a partnership with Louisiana Rehabilitation Services, the Center provides services at no cost to consumers and counselors. Currently, the services available include:

Activities of Daily Living,
Computer Access,
Driver Rehabilitation/Transportation,
Rehabilitation Engineering,
Seating and Wheeled Mobility, and 
Wheelchair Transportation.

All of our services are available through our Center-based program, with rehabilitation engineers located in Baton Rouge, Lafayette and New Orleans. Our well-equipped facilities and vehicles allow our evaluators to observe consumer performance using state-of-the-art assistive technology. This allows us to make more specific and accurate recommendations for each consumer's needs.

In addition to the assessment services, consumer training is provided in a variety of programs. For example when an Augmentative Communication device is delivered to a consumer, the program staff is available for equipment set up and training as needed. This helps assure a more positive outcome.

By having such a comprehensive set of programs and multi disciplinary staff, the Center is able to provide integrated services for our consumers. For example, when considering a wheeled mobility system, transportation must be considered. When a wheelchair and seating evaluation is being conducted, the driver rehabilitation/transportation staff are available to assist with vehicle selection and/or proper vehicle modifications for the consumer. If these assessments were conducted in separate facilities, a wheelchair might be recommended that is incompatible with the consumer's vehicle.

Guidelines and Standards

As the experience and knowledge of the staff has increased over the years, we have developed several guidelines and standards for assistive technology practitioners and providers. Specifically, we have provided assistance to Louisiana Rehabilitation Services in developing guidelines for Driver Assessment Facilities, Driving Instructors, Mobility Equipment Dealers, Seating and Wheeled Mobility Vendors and Contractors for home and work site modification.

We have also created draft standards and guidelines for the areas of Augmentative and Alternative Communication, Building Inspections, Computer Access, Activities of Daily Living, and Home and Worksite accessibility. We will continue to be available to Louisiana Rehabilitation Services as a resource in this area as appropriate.