Hands-on Cyber Education

Freshman Computer Science and Cyber Engineering students at Louisiana Tech are "Living with Cyber." Modeled after our highly successful "Living with the Lab" engineering courses, the freshman computing curriculum utilizes a unique hardware platform the size of a credit card to provide students hand-on projects in learning the intricacies of computing that results in an immersive learning environment. At its core, Living with Cyber is about cultivating problem solving and critical thinking skills. Students look at problems (typically in the cyberspace domain), design algorithms and propose them as solutions, and analyze them. The solutions are then implemented using the unique hardware platform. Ultimately, the curriculum provides students with an overview of computing, forms the foundation of their academic degree, and helps prepare them for the numerous career opportunities in many computing fields.


The following three courses taught at Louisiana Tech are part of the Living with Cyber curriculum:

Scope and Opportunities

Software Developer and Computer Systems Analyst are #1 and #2 Best jobs.
— US News & Report 2014

800+ new IT professional positions in infranstructure, application development, cyber security, and cloud computing in Bossier City, LA.
— CSC Corporation announcement on February 18, 2014.

In the past five years, demand for cyber security jobs has grown 3.5X faster than computer jobs and 12X faster than any other job in the labor market.
— Burning Glass Technologies, Labor market firm

Device Requirements

To participate in the Living with Cyber curriculum, students are required to have an appropriate laptop and the curriculum's hardware platform.

Students participating in the 2017-18 Living with Cyber curriculum will be provided the Raspberry Pi based hardware platform at no cost at the beginning of the first course (CSC/CYEN 130). Note that students are required to purchase their own laptop (in fact, this is a College of Engineering and Science requirement). Information regarding laptop requirements is available here.


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