M.S. in Computer Science

The Computer Science Program offers in-depth study and research in systems, theory, algorithms, and applied aspects of computer sci­ence. Completion of the master’s degree will prepare a student for employment in government and industry and for doctoral programs in computer science.

Educational Objectives

The program expects students to do the following, by the time of graduation:

1.    Demonstrate and apply advanced knowledge in algorithm design and analysis;
2.    Demonstrate and apply advanced knowledge in computer architecture;
3.    Analyze requirements, design software that satisfies those requirements, and implement that software using effective software engineering principles; and
4.    Demonstrate focused knowledge of computing methodologies in areas of specialization in computer science (relates to elective courses).

Students entering the master’s program in computer science will be expected to have a background equivalent to the Bachelor’s Pro­gram in Computer Science at Louisiana Tech. Any core computer sci­ence courses in the BS program at LA Tech will be considered deficiency courses for master’s students if they have not taken equivalent courses in their bachelor’s programs. A student may challenge a deficiency course by successfully completing a comprehensive examination and, as appropriate, programming projects. Both thesis and non-thesis op­tions are available.

Master CS diagram

Non-Thesis Plan
  Thesis Plan

A minimum of 36 SCH of graduate course work will be required, of which a maximum of 3 hours will be earned in Practicum. In this track, a maximum of 3 hours will be earned by taking the Practicum course and satisfying the requirements. The practicum shall in­volve an advanced topic approved by the student’s advisory com­mittee. Also, a minimum of 18 out of the 36 hours must be earned in courses open only to graduate students.

  The student will be required to complete a minimum of 30 semester credit hours (SCH) for graduate credit, of which a maximum of 6 hours will be earned in Research and Thesis. A minimum of 21 hours out of the 30 must be earned in courses open only to graduate students.
The exercise of these options and the choice of courses will be proposed as a Plan of Study by the student and his/her Advisory Com­mittee subject to review and approval (in order) by the major program chair, the Director of Graduate Studies, the Dean of the College of Engineering and Science, and the Dean of the Graduate School. The transfer of graduate credit from another graduate institution, gradu­ate credit by examination, graduate credit as a graduating senior, or credit earned other than as a regularly enrolled graduate student in the College of Engineering and Science at Louisiana Tech must meet all University standards and is also subject to approval as part of the Plan of Study. Courses taken for graduate credit while the student is registered in the non-degree category will not be applied to a degree program without approval by the student’s Advisory Committee and the Director of Graduate Studies.

Required Core Courses

Recently Offered Elective Courses

CSC 520 Advanced Analysis of Algorithms and Complexity
CSC 521 Advanced Computer Architectures
CSC 532 Advanced Topics in Software Engineering
ENGR 510 Introduction to Engineering and Science Research Methods
ENGR 511 Engineering and Science Research Proposal Development (thesis/practicum option)
ENGR 589A Special Topics (non-thesis, coursework only option)

CSC 430 Database Management Systems
CSC 443 Digital Forensics and Cyber Crime
CSC 450 Computer Networks
CSC 475 Artificial Intelligence
CSC 485 High Performance and Availability Computing
CSC 486 Introduction to Biocomputing
CSC 487 Advanced Biocomputing
CSC 499 Cloud Computing and Big Data
CSC 543 Digital Forensics and Cyber Crime
CSC 554 Advanced Networking
CSC 579 Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
CSC 580 Advanced Data Mining, Fusion and Applications
CSC 581 Parallel Algorithms
CSC 585 High Performance and Availability Computing

Recommended MS CS Electives


MATH 407 Partial Differential Equations
MATH 435 Introduction to Graph Theory
MATH 460 Number Theory
MATH 505 Linear Algebra
MATH 515 Numerical Analysis
MATH 535 Graph Theory
MATH 574 Numerical Solutions for PDE I
MATH 575 Numerical Solutions for PDE II


STAT 405 Statistical Methods
STAT 505 Statistics for Engineering and Science
STAT 520 Theory of Probability
STAT 521 Theory of Statistics
STAT 650 Time Series Analysis
STAT 651 Discrete Markov Processes
STAT 652 Stochastic Processes


ELEN 567 Wireless Sensor Networks
PHYS 540 Computational Methods in Physics Modeling and Simulation I
PHYS 541 Computational Methods in Physics Modeling and Simulation II
INEN 504 Systems Simulation
INEN 506 Dynamic Programming
INEN 509 Economics and Decision Making
INEN 518 Project Management

  Financial Assistance
The MS in Computer Science program is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), through Louisiana Tech University. Louisiana Tech has been an accredited member of SACS since 1927.   Preference for assistantship is given to students pursuing the thesis option. If a student has been given an assistantship on admission, such an assistantship may not be extended if the student has not had his/her thesis plan approved by a graduate advisor within three terms. During any term for which a student receives an assistantship, that student cannot exceed a six credit-hour course load without advisor approval.