Program Outline

Steering Committee
Dr. Weizhong Dai (for Mathematics) and Dr. Sumeet Dua (for Computer Science) will act as preliminary advisors and primary contacts for new students.The members of the Steering Committee are Weizhong Dai (Chair), Sumeet Dua, Jim Cochran, Katie Evans, Box Leangsukun, Mihaela Paun, Ramu Ramachandran, and Galen Turner.
The Steering Committee ratifies each student's research plan for the dissertation that is submitted by the student after consultation with his/her major professor.
The Steering Committee ratifies each student's Doctoral Committee after consultation with the relevant programs, upon request by the student.
This committee will coordinate communication with the Graduate Council concerning the curriculum, entrance requirements and standards. The colleges and departments involved will make admission decisions on individual students, making sure they satisfied the requirements and standards set by the steering committee and the Graduate School.
The Steering Committee appoints the committee for qualifying exams in mathematics and computer science.

Admission Requirements
At least 1150 V+Q in GRE. Exceptions may be made in the case of outstanding applicants on a case-by-case basis. International applicants are required by the Graduate School to submit an official TOEFL score of at least 550 (paper-based test), or 80 (internet-based test) before their application will be evaluated. Alternatively, a score of at least 6.5 total in four academic modules of IELTS is also accepted.

Financial Support
Teaching and research assistantships are available to qualified applicants.

Student Committee
A temporary advisor will be assigned to each student at the time of admission and an Interim Committee will be formed no later than his/her second quarter in the program. Within one year of passing the qualifying exam, a Doctoral Committee will replace the Interim committee; and the major professor who will direct the student's research will replace the temporary advisor. At this time, the initial plan of study must be updated to a plan of study. Each student's Doctoral Committee shall consist of a minimum of five members of the Graduate Faculty, approved by the Steering Committee. It will be composed of the major professor (once one is chosen), at least one representative from Mathematics and Statistics, at least one from Computer Science, and at least one from the student's area of application. This committee will work with the student to design suitable course work for the degree.

Statistics as a Third Discipline
Statistics may be taken as a third discipline. To qualify, the student must complete at least nine credit hours of graduate statistics courses. These include Stat 620 or Stat 621 (if not taken as a core course) and any 500 or 600 level statistics courses except for Stat 550 and Stat 680.

Students with a Masters in Statistics can qualify for statistics as a third discipline. Students, not taking Statistics as their third discipline, may use (only) three credit hours of statistics as a part of their 15 hours of required math courses. Students, taking statistics as their third discipline, must have 15 hours of mathematics credits (none of which are statistics) for the required mathematics requirement.