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Alumni to Watch

Alums to Watch 2014

Headshot of Paul Le Maire

Paul Le Maire

Degree: Construction Engineering Technology, 2011

Position: Engineer, National Security Technologies, LLC

Advice: “When an opportunity presents itself, weigh its value with logic rather than fear of the unknown. These choices are too valuable to let emotion depict where you go in life.”

Headshot of Kristin Ginn

Kristin Ginn

Degree: Mechanical Engineering, 2006

Position: Drilling Product Service Engineering Manager of GE

Advice: “Make your passion your work and you r work your passion.  In everything you do, make it your best. Build strong relationships, for it is on the shoulders of others that you will move to the next level.”

Alums to Watch 2013

Headshot of Colin Holsi

Colin Hosli

Degree: Mechanical Engineering, 2012

Position: Engineer, Well Interventions, New Orleans, Louisiana

Advice: “An engineer's most prized skill is to understand the abstract and make it concrete - an ability derived from applying fundamental engineering concepts and recognizing a problem's or operation's end goal before diving into the finer technical detail.”

Headshot of Sydney Johns

Sydney Johns

Degree: Chemical Engineering, 2012

Position: Field Services Engineer- CenterPoint Energy

Advice: “Take advantage of the career services on campus, but go above and beyond that in your job search. The professional world is both vast and limitless.”

Headshot of Taylor Fritz

Taylor Fritz

Degree: Industrial Engineering, 2012

Position: GRDP Materials Buyer, Cameron

Advice: “Don't let other people tell you that you can't do something. Work hard, persevere, and it will all be worth it in the end.”

Headshot of Justin Bounds

Justin Bounds

Degree: Mechanical Engineering, 2011

Position: Fixed Equipment Engineer, Exxon Facility, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Advice: “Never stop learning. Never. No matter how old or rich or successful you become, there will always be an entire world full of wondrous things to learn. You just have to first admit that you don't already know them.”

Headshot of David Taylor

David Taylor

Degree: Mechanical Engineering, 2003

Position: Mechanical Engineer, QinetiQ, North America

Advice: “Accept new tasks and challenges with enthusiasm, and don’t be afraid to volunteer when an opportunity presents itself. Confidence in your abilities combined with a positive attitude and enthusiasm can help to set you apart from colleagues who are unwilling to step outside their comfort zone.”

Alums to Watch 2012

Headshot of Colby Prejeant

Colby Prejeant

Degree: Chemical Engineering, 2009

Position: Engineer, EDG, Inc. 

Advice: “My advice to students is to find a good study group. It will make the late nights a little more enjoyable.”

Headshot of Stephen Zenter

Stephen Zenter

Degree: Industrial Engineering, 2006

Position: Flight Controller for the International Space Station, United Space Alliance

Advice: “Continue to set your goals a little higher and work a little harder. Sometimes it is difficult to realize your full potential, but there are others around you who will notice before you do.”

Headshot of Andrew Barringer

Andrew Barringer

Degree: Mechanical Engineering, 2008

Position: Facilities Engineer, Chevron North America, Exploration and Production

Advice: “College is only the beginning when it comes to learning. The ‘real world’ turns much faster than college.”

Mark McKee

Mark McKee

Degree: Mechanical Engineering, 2011

Position: Ensign, United States Navy

Advice: “Surround yourself with people that hold themselves to a high standard. You'll be surprised how much you begin to expect of yourself.”

Headshot of Jasmina Brooks

Jasmina Brooks

Degree: Biomedical Engineering, 1999

Position: Marketing Manager – Electrophysiology GE Healthcare

Advice: “There are no big secrets to success. To be successful, you must work hard and decide exactly what you want to accomplish, then resolve to pay the price to get it.”

Headshot of Mike McDaniel

Mike McDaniel

Degree: Mechanical Engineering, 2007

Position: Engineering Solutions, Piping Engineer, The Dow Chemical Company, Houston

While at Tech, Mike served as Vice Chair and Chair of ASME and as a LaTECH STEP Student Mentor. After graduation, he joined The Dow Chemical Company as a furnace and fired equipment maintenance engineer. He is currently a site piping subject matter expert and the piping resource leader at Dow.

Headshot of Brooke Droptini

Brooke Droptini

Degree: Civil Engineering, 2004

Position: Project Manager, East Texas Infrastructure, Freese and Nichols, Inc., Tyler, Texas

Brooke graduated from Louisiana Tech in 2004 with a B.S. in Civil Engineering. After graduation, she took a position with Bucher, Willis and Ratliff in Tyler, Texas, took the PE exam, and became a licensed engineer. In 2011, she joined Freese and Nichols, Inc., where she is now part of an initiative to expand company services in Tyler and other East Texas municipalities. Brooke hopes other Tech students will have the same opportunities that her degree has provided her.

Megan Feazell

Megan Feazell

Degree: Mechanical Engineering, 2007

Position: Technical Supervisor, ExxonMobil, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Megan graduated from Louisiana Tech University in 2007 with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and immediately began working with ExxonMobil in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. At ExxonMobil, Megan is a Technical Supervisor in the Polymers area, and is responsible for mentoring and developing new engineers within the company. Megan is already giving back to the College of Engineering and Science.

Headshot of Kevin Peters

Kevin Peters

Degree: Industrial Engineering, 2011

Position: Manufacturing Engineer, ALCON Labs, Houston, Texas

He was a member of the College’s Eco-marathon team and played a key role in developing the ‘Roadster,’ which competed in the Shell Eco-marathon last spring and set a U.S. record for fuel efficiency. At Alcon Labs, in Houston, Texas, Kevin is a manufacturing engineer and helps to develop and integrate automation equipment into the manufacturing process of medical devices.