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Board of Directors

The Board and the Executive Committee manage the Engineering and Science Foundation. The Board consists of Directors, Associate Directors (less than five years out of school), leaders of the program advisory boards, and Life Directors. Directors and Associate Directors serve three-year terms; seven Directors and one Associate are elected each year.

List of Board Members

Officers are elected from the Director membership. Directors are selected from recommendations of various sources. Anyone may suggest a Director, and suggestions are welcome.

State funding for the the College is limited. The Foundation provides funding for several areas, like scholarships, professorships, and chairs. The Foundation currently manages approximately $15 million in assets (3/31/09) which has been severely affected by recent market conditions. The College urgently needs additional funds.

Each year, the Foundation presents "internal" recognition ceremony for faculty, staff or students, individuals, or teams, and "external" awards for alumni or friends who have made a significant contribution to the College over the past year. In 2008, the Foundation joined the annual recognition of the College's distinguished alumni, sponsoring selections from the programs that no longer exist: Agriculture Engineering, Geology and Petroleum Engineering.

For more information or to discuss financial support, contact:

Dr. Hisham Hegab
Dean, College of Engineering and Science
(318) 257-4647

Gary Strebeck
Director of Development
College of Engineering and Science
Louisiana Tech University
(318) 257-4971