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We Support the Campaign for a New Integrated Engineering and Science Building!

“Herbert Spencer once said, 'The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.' When I think about the time spent at Louisiana Tech, this ideal was at the core of my education. Courses are taught with the application in mind and not just the theory. Living with the Lab and the Integrated Curriculum make students fully comprehend the principles being taught and not just rely on rote memorization to be successful. Action was apparent all over campus and not just in the classroom. Whether it was LTESA building another playground for local kids or different organizations cleaning up the city during THE BIG EVENT, action is a part of being a LaTech Bulldog. When I think about what differentiates our graduates from others in the workplace, it is that when something needs to be done; we take action. And, because of the solid education that we obtained, we take targeted and effective action. Simply put, we get things done were others falter or never even try.

“Well, the school now has a serious need for a new building to continue to meet the high standards of education that we received when we were in school. It is only appropriate that we, as proud alumni, take action.”

Michael McDaniel
Houston, Texas

“We believe the faculty and staff at the COES has the dedication, vision, and know-how to provide even more invaluable opportunities for future students that will then mold them into invaluable assets for industry, consulting, and academia. We were very excited (and envious) to hear about the changes and new projects being implemented within the college already since our graduation. We want to be a part of helping provide COES with the space and utilities needed to further their ideas, endeavors, and increase enrollment. We can only imagine what the future successes of the COES will hold - just when we think things are great, they make them even better, and never settling for the best is why Louisiana Tech's College of Engineering and Science is and will continue to be setting the standard for engineering and science programs around the world. We are proud alumni, and the COES has our full support.”

Devin and Sarah McBride
Houston, Texas

“Elaine and I are delighted to have the opportunity to give this gift to Louisiana Tech and are grateful to XTO Energy for helping make it possible,” said Tim Petrus. “It is critical for our nation’s future that we continue to produce outstanding engineers and scientists and Louisiana Tech is leading the way in that pursuit. Now more than ever, we must have the support of alumni and friends of Tech to maintain our level of excellence.”

Tim and Elaine Petrus
Fort Worth, Texas

“Since my graduation in Civil Engineering in 1969, I have had the pleasure of working with other alumni in recruiting Louisiana Tech graduates for developing major international and domestic projects within my company. I have always been pleased with the talent at Tech and impressed with how the faculty has done a great job preparing young graduates to make an immediate contribution to the companies that they will ultimately work for. For this reason, I have decided to increase my donation commitment to the building project and designate it for “Faculty Offices,” to show my support and admiration for the faculty at Tech. Having a new Integrated Engineering & Science Education Building will further enhance their team building concept that permeates the current curriculum, and will ensure that the University retains its leadership position.”

Mike Pearson
CEO, Orion Marion Group
Houston, Texas

“As a math major, I view bringing math classes to the same ‘state of the art’ building as science and engineering classes as a benefit to the learning process for all of our College of Engineering and Science students.”

Sandy Johnson
President and CEO, Barrios Technology
Houston, Texas

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