• Dr. Rastko Selmic’s Lab
  • Monochromator & Optical Photodetector Characterization Equipment: IFM
  • Optical Power Meter & Picoammeter: Optoelectronics Lab, IFM
  • Mask Aligner, Optical Microscopes & Thermal Evaporator: Student Teaching Lab, IFM
  • Dr. Rastko Selmic’s Lab
  • Electrical Engineering Stdents Interaction in a Controls Lab
  • Graduate Student Analyzing Spectral Reflectometer Data: IFM
  • Graduate Research Students in Optoelectronics Lab: IFM
  • Graduate Students Experimenting with Thermal Evaporator: IFM
  • Optical Setup for Photodetector Testing: IFM
  • Photolithography Mask Aligner: IFM Cleanroom
  • Electrical Engineering Students in a Circuit Lab
  • Photoluminescence Experimental Setup: Dr. Zivanovic’s Optoelectronics Lab, IFM
  • Electrical Engineering Students Experimenting in a Microprocessor Lab
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Dr. Rastko Selmic The M.S. in Engineering with concentration in Electrical Engineering at Louisiana Tech offers students the opportunity to specialize in certain areas of Electrical Engineering (Communications, Controls, Microelectronics, and Power Systems) beyond their B.Sc. EE degree. The M.S. students can conduct research leading to a thesis or a practicum, or choose a course work option.

The PhD. in Engineering is an interdisciplinary degree with a strong research emphasis and tied to one of the research centers at Louisiana Tech. The concentrations in Cyberspace Engineering, Micro/Nanoscale Systems, and Engineering Physics are closely related to the electrical engineering field.

Dr. Rastko Selmic, Graduate Programs Coordinator

Dr. Sumeet Dua

Welcome to the Electrical Engineering Program at Louisiana Tech University. The program dates back to the very beginning of the institution in 1894, and over these years it has achieved a strong reputation for producing graduates who are industrious, loyal, and well qualified for engineering practice or continued study at the graduate level.

The program offers a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, and M.S. and Ph.D. in Engineering with a concentration in Electrical Engineering. The program curricula aims to achieve an optimal amalgamation of core and elective courses, enhanced with active lab exposure, research experience, and professional growth activities leading to a comprehensively educated lifelong learner in electrical engineering.

The program faculty has expertise in a wide-range of topics in the discipline and their rich background in teaching, research and professional service generates a unique learning experience for our students. The program is also committed to providing outstanding student advising and opportunities for professional advancement at both undergraduate and graduate levels. We look forward to welcoming you to our program and to the Tech family!

Dr. Sumeet Dua, Director of Electrical Engineering

Dr. Davis Harbour

The Electrical Engineering program at Louisiana Tech University takes a project-driven, student-centric approach to teaching. During the educational process, students perform hands-on activities in circuits, electronics, microcontroller, optoelectronics, communications, controls, and power laboratories.

The students at Louisiana Tech can choose concentrations in one or more of the following areas: the design and development of control systems; the design and development of electronic and solid state devices; the control, conversion, and distribution of energy; and communications including data transmission and retrieval.

Over the years, the Electrical Engineering Program at Louisiana Tech has provided a top-quality education founded on a tradition of excellence. The nationally accredited program [by the Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC) of ABET, http://www.abet.org] is designed to prepare graduates for rewarding careers and professional opportunities.

Dr. Davis Harbour, Program Chair

Electrical Engineering Program | Nethken Hall, 600 Dan Reneau Dr., Ruston, LA 71272 USA | Tel: 1-318-257-4921 / Email: info @ee.latech.edu