M.S. Advising

Important Information for MS in Engineering (Concentration in Electrical Engineering) Course-Work Option Advisees and New Students:

  • Campus Map.
  • Catalog.
  • Read Chapters 15 and 20 from the Catalog.
  • Office of Graduate Studies (Mrs. Anita Young) is in Bogard Hall on Dan Reneau Drive.
  • Office of Electrical Engineering Program (Mrs. Marsha Smith, the administrative assistant for Electrical Engineering ) is in the Nethken Hall on Dan Reneau Drive.
  • Curriculum.
  • Schedule of Classes.

Description of Courses is in the Catalog, part IV, starting from page 159. The MS student can also find professor’s website, e-mail him/her to his/her latech.edu e-mail address asking about the course syllabus. By obtaining additional information about the course the MS student can make a better decision on which courses to take.

Dr. Long Que is the academic advisor to all new MS in Engineering with concentration in Electrical Engineering students and will help them register for courses each quarter until they decide if they want to do research, thesis or practicum. For thesis and practicum the MS student must find professor that will be his/her research advisor. In that case, the research professor also becomes the student’s academic advisor. Your research advisor can be any Engineering professor but the research topic needs to be in the area of Electrical Engineering.

We recommend that MS students take 6 credit hours maximum each quarter. If the student’s GPA while at Louisiana Tech University is 4.00, the student can take three courses (9 credit hours) per quarter. Otherwise we do not recommend to take more than 6 credit hours per quarter. Additional hours can be challenging. If the student’s GPA falls below 3.0 for two quarters, the student will be put under a post-baccalaureate status. Students must register for courses in the Advising form. If the student wants to make any changes to the initially chosen courses, he/she must fill out a new advising form and get the signature from his/her academic advisor. 

Plan of Study needs to be submitted to the Graduate School before the end of your first quarter at Louisiana Tech University. The Plan of Study form can be found in pdf . 

The course work option MS student’s advisory committee includes: Dr. Long Que (chair), Dr. Rastko Selmic and Dr. Sandra Zivanovic.