Graduate Level Cources

Electrical Engineering (ELEN)


 Communication Systems. 0-3-3. Preq., ELEN 322. Analog and digital communication systems. Random signals, noise, and filetering. Physical constraints. Multiplexing. Properties of AM, FM, PSK, and QAM systems. (G)


 Power Systems. 0-3-3. Preq., ELEN 411. Per-unit notation. The de¬sign and analysis of balanced power systems including load flow, economic dispatch, short circuit and over current device coordination and control of watts and vars. (G)


 Electromagnetic Waves. 0-3-3. Preq., ELEN 411. Propagation, re¬flection and refraction of electromagnetic waves. Guided waves and power flow. Boundary-value problems.


 Telecommunication Theory and Application. 0-3-3. Emphasis on the physical and data link layers of the OSI model. Topics include modula¬tion, utilization, multiplexing, impairments, and protocols on LANs, MANs and WANs.


 Modern Wireless and Optical Networking. 0-3-3. Overview of wireless and optical networking (at all layers of the OSI model). Topics in-clude: 4G, FTTx, OFDMA, software-defined-radio, ROADM, optical packet and burst switching.


 Optical Communication Systems. 0-3-3. Optical telecommunication system performance issues and enabling technologies. Shot noise mitigation, dispersion compensation, eduction and exploitation of nonlinearities. Next generation optical networks, sources and detectors.


 Optoelectronics. 0-3-3. Preq., Permission of instructor. Modulation of light, display devices, lasers, photodetectors, optical transistors, logic gates, Waveguides, transmitter and receiver design.


 Advanced Topics in Microelectronics. 0-3-3. Preq., consent of in¬structor. Selected topics of current research interest in the field of microelec¬tronics.

ELEN537  Advanced Microfabrication with Computer-Aided Design. 0-3-3. Preq., ELEN 438. Advanced microfabrication process development and inte¬gration with the aid of computer process modeling and simulation.
ELEN538  Advanced Microelectronic Devices with Computer-Aided Design. 0-3-3. Preq., ELEN 537. Principles of operation and analysis of advanced mi¬croelectronic devices with the aid of computer device modeling and simulation.
ELEN550  Special Problems. 1-4 semester hours. Preq., consent of instructor. Advanced problems in electrical engineering. The problems and projects will be treated by current methods used in professional practice.
ELEN551  Research and Thesis in Electrical Engineering. (Pass/Fail). Preq., 12 semester hours of graduate work. Registration in any quarter is for 3 semes¬ter hours or multiples thereof. Maximum credit applicable towards the degree is 6 semester hours.
ELEN555   Practicum. 0-3-3 (6). (Pass/Fail). Preq., 12 semester hours of graduate work. Analytical and/or experimental solution of an engineering problem; tech¬nical literature survey required; development of engineering research techniques
ELEN557  Special Topics: Electrical Engineering. 0-3-3 (9). The topic or top¬ics will be selected by the instructor from the various sub-areas of electrical engineering. May be repeated as topics change.
ELEN561  Random Signals and Systems. 0-3-3. Preq., ELEN 461 and 471. Random signal analysis. Correlation and power spectrum analysis. Stochastic communication and control systems.
ELEN565  Digital Signal Processing. 0-3-3. Preq., ELEN 461. Review of dis¬crete linear signals and systems theory. Design/Implementation of FIR and IIR digital filters. Quantization and finite word length effects. Spectrum estimation.
ELEN566  Estimation Theory. 0-3-3. Preq., ELEN 561. Estimation, based on noise-corrupted observations, of unknown system states. Maximum-likelihood and least square estimation; matched filters. Wiener and Kalman filtering.
ELEN567  Wireless Sensor Networks. 0-3-3. Topics Include: Introduction to wireless sensor networks, networks, topology, routing, graph theory, hardware components, layered network architecture, coverage and connectivity, localiza¬tion and tracking, network platforms.
ELEN573  Digital Control Systems II. 0-3-3. Preq., ELEN 572 or consent ot in¬structor. Review of Z-transforms. State variable techniques. Controllability and observability. Design of digital control systems with state variable techniques. Digital state observer. Microprocessor control.
ELEN575   Nonlinear Systems. 0-3-3. Topics Include: Introduction to nonlinear systems, equilibrium points, phase-plane analysis, limit cycles, examples of nonlinear systems, Lyapunov stability, feedback linearization, nonlinear ob¬servers, adaptive control.
ELEN581   Computer Applications to Power Systems. 0-3-3. Preq., ELEN 481. The study of algorithms for power network matrices, three-phase networks, fault, load flow and stability problems solution by computer methods.

 Motor Control and Power Electronics. 0-3-3. Preq., ELEN 481. Electronic and electromagnetic motor control devices; programmable con-trollers; motor protection; solid state power device application to DC and AC power conversion.

List of Elective Courses for M.S. in Engineering with concentration in Electrical Engineering:
Note 1: This is not an all-inclusive list. Courses outside of this list can be used as an elective with special permission from the student's Graduate Committee, ELEN Graduate Coordinator and Director.
Note 2: Maximum number of ELEN557 (Special Topics) hours that graduate student can take is 9 hours!

ELEN533  Optoelectronics (Every Spring) (Dr. Zivanovic)
ELEN535  Advanced Topics in Microelectronics ( Every Fall) (Dr. Wilson)
ELEN-537-001  Advanced Microfabrication with CAD (Dr. Que) (every Winter) (MSE-407-001/MSE-507-001)
ELEN-538-001  ADV MICROEL DEV W/COMP-AIDED DES    (every Spring) (Dr. Que) (MSE-457-001/MSE-508-001)
ELEN561  Random Signals and Systems
ELEN567  Wireless Sensor Networks. Will be offered Spring 2014. (Dr. Selmic)
ELEN575  Nonlinear Systems. Will be offered Spring 2013. (Dr. Selmic)

 Random Signals and Kalman Filtering, (Group B; last time offered Spring 2012,every2-3 years)

(Dr. Cox)

ELEN557   Antennas and Propagation; Group B, last time offered Spring 2011, every 2-3 years, Dr. Cox
ELEN557   Optical Communication Systems; Group B; (every Spring) (Dr. Shepard)(ELEN463)
ELEN557  Communication Systems; Group B, (every Winter) (Dr. Shepard)(ELEN461)
ELEN557/482  Power System Design and Analysis; Group D; possibly Spring 2013, Dr. Cox
ELEN557  Power Electronics, Group D, (Dr. Cox) (last time offered 4 years ago)
ELEN581  Computer Applications to Power Systems, Group D, (Dr. Cox)
ELEN582  Motor Control and Power Electronics, Group D, (Dr. Cox)


(Microsystems Engineering ) Courses

MSE501  Fundamentals of Microfabrication Processing (Fall) (Dr. Wang)
MSE557  Nanosystems and Devices (Fall) (Dr. Que)( NSE-410-001)
MSE609  Microsystems Analysis with CAD (Fall 2012) ( Dr. Khaliq)
MSE 502

 Microsystems principles(Winter) ( Dr. Chester Wilson)


 Advanced Materials for Micro/Nano Devices and Systems (Dr. Zivanovic)


 Nanotechnology Principles, every Spring, (Dr. C. O’Neal)


 Micro/Nano ScaleMaterials Measurements and Analysis, every Spring


 Microsystem Design, Fabrication and Testing Laboratory, Summer 2012 (Dr. Hegab)