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Engineering and Technology Management - Alumni Success Stories

 Positions Held by ETM Alumni


"I work for Hood Packaging Corporation and am the plant manager of the Monticello site. I am responsible for managing and coordinating all production activities for the plant including engineering maintenance, quality, and safety. I'm also responsible for ensuring the optimization of production to meet the needs of customers and support the growth of the company.

When I graduated in 2013 with my undergrad in chemistry, I started out as a Field Engineer for Baker Hughes. I worked in the oil and gas field for a couple of years and during a downturn in the oil and gas industry cycle, I decided to further my education in order to advance my career. I found the ETM program at Tech and decided to also get a Black Belt in Six Sigma while I was obtaining my master's degree. Although it took a couple years of aggressive job hunting, I was able to land the career of my dreams in part because of the ETM and the Black Belt in Six Sigma. I was able to be hired on as a plant manager immediately and could not be happier with my decision to go back to school. The program not only gave me a massive leg up in the job search, but it has also been extremely beneficial to me as a plant manager. I need to know how to increase quality and productivity efficiently and quickly but in a safe and organized manner, and this degree gave me the skills to build my experience on. Thank you, Dr. Hegab for all your generous help and for this fantastic Engineering and Technology Management and Six Sigma program." Amy Colbert, Plant Manager Hood Packaging

Tim McNabb

"I found LaTech's Engineering and Technology Management Master's program to be exciting and challenging and would certainly recommend the program to  colleagues. The content was challenging and immediately useful in my day to day activities at work. Upon  graduation, within weeks, I was promoted to Engineering Manager.  This Master's Program had a positive, direct impact on my career! Thank you LaTech for the fantastic experience!" Tim McNabb, Engineering Manager


Headshot of Avi Reddy“MSETM program has provided me with the competence I wanted to gain towards management aspects. It has also enabled me to look at my organization in a different way in various aspects be it operational or how we approach our customers. I chose this program as it has a good mix of quality education and low tuition. It provided me with an opportunity to balance my academic, professional and personal life.” Avi Reddy, IT Development, Business Support Systems, CenturyLink Inc.

“Completing the Master of Science in Engineering and Technology Management at Louisiana Tech provided me the advanced skills I desired to raise my job performance to a higher level and be a more effective Industrial Engineer. I believe the graduate courses in Statistics, Logistics, Global Competitiveness, etc. enhanced my value to my employer and helped prepare me for whatever the future holds for my career. Tambry L. Calhuon, Industrial Engineer, Manufacturing Firm

“In my opinion the Master of Science in Engineering and Technology Management is a new MBA for technically inclined persons. Increasingly engineers are asked to perform non-technical tasks and supervise other workers. The MSETM program provides all the necessary building blocks for an Engineer who wishes to move beyond just being an Engineer into an upper management position. This degree gives Engineers the ability to communicate with and understand management while also giving Business students the ability to communicate with Engineers each on their own respective level. Large companies are looking for people with the ability to handle management as well as technical positions and Louisiana Tech is one of the best universities providing this type of program.” Blake Hosli, Consultant, Electrical Engineering Consulting Firm

“I appreciate the effort by Louisiana Tech University to mold a degree program that can be obtained by working professionals. The online classes have assisted me in making the dream of a graduate degree a reality.” Daniel Thompson, Civil Engineer, Consulting Firm