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Faculty Awards

2012-13 College of Faculty and Staff Awards


Transformative Research

Dr. Markus Wobisch

Post-Doc Research

Dr. Carlos Montes

Recruiting and Retention

Allie De Leo and Jane Petrus

Outstanding Teaching

Danny Eddy


Arlene Hill
Brandy McKnight

2012 Louisiana Technology Product of the Year

Dr. Erez Allouche

Northern Louisiana e-WARDS

Dr. Erez Allouche

2011-12 College Faculty Awards

Innovative Education

Improving the Quality of Graduate Education

Dr. Ramu Ramachandran

Excellence in Mentoring

Dr. Pedro Derosa

Transformative Research

Securing Research Funding and Maintaining High-Quality Teaching

Dr. Teresa Murray

Outstanding Efforts in Securing Research Funding, Outreach to Minority Students and Teaching

Dr. Niel Crews

National Recognition

National Leadership in Cyber Education and Outreach

Dr. Galen Turner, Dr. Heath Tims, Dr. Michael Swanbom and Dr. Kelly Crittenden

International Leadership in Research

Dr. Lee Sawyer, Dr. Marcus Wobisch, and Dr. Z.D. Greenwood


Dr. James Spaulding

Leadership Initiative

National Leadership in Advancing the Success of Women in Engineering and Science

Dr. Jenna Carpenter

Strategic Plan Co-Leaders

Dr. David Hall, Dr. Katie Evans, Dr. Chad O'Neal, Dr. Collin Wick, Dr. Daniella Mainardi, and Dr. Sumeet Dua

Outstanding Post-Doctoral Faculty

Dr. Shaurav Alum, Dr. Pradeep Chowriappa, and Dr. Caitlin Bernius