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Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering Advisory Board

The Louisiana Tech University Industrial Engineering Advisory (IEAC) was established in summer 200l (IEAC). The purposes of the IEAC, as noted in its constitution, are:

To provide counsel on educational activities and enhancement.

To provide counsel on research directions.

To facilitate communication between the program and industry, alumni, and government.

To provide liaison with the Engineering and Science Foundation.

To provide a forum for undergraduate and graduate students to interface with industry representatives to gain exposure to a broad spectrum of industry not in the recruiting role.

To assess the program in effectiveness of recommendations made to program by the Council and in abilities of graduates to achieve the program educational objectives and program outcomes.

The IEAC meets twice per year (October and May) on the Louisiana Tech campus. In addition to conducting council business and receiving updates on the development of the college and the program, the IEAC periodically allocates part of its meeting time to review the Industrial Engineering Program's Educational Objectives and Program Outcomes. They also help assess the abilities of our students relative to our program outcomes by serving as judges in the Senior Design Project Conference each spring. During each meeting, the Council members also meet with students to receive their input on program strengths and concerns, and then provide feedback to the faculty. In addition, a web-based forum was created by the Council in November 2007, enabling direct communication between the Council members and the students. The IEAC provides valuable guidance in steering our programs to ensure that our graduates are well-prepared to make immediate contributions in the field.