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Industrial Engineering

Alpha Pi Mu: Industrial Engineering Honor Society

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Faculty Advisor: Dr. Beth Hegab


President: Paige Boudreaux

Vice President: Sari Freeman

Secretary: Lexi Miller and Yuan Xu

Treasurer: John Davis and Miguel Jimenez Martinez

Alpha Pi Mu is the Industrial Engineering honor society that recognizes outstanding junior and senior students. Juniors in the upper one-fifth and seniors in the upper one-third of their classes are eligible for consideration.  Each year the members undertake projects that are of value to the department and the industrial engineering students. Projects include:

Updating the IE old test files.

Providing peer counseling during each quarter's preregistration advising period.

Presenting Industrial Engineering topics to local high schools.

Efforts are made to advance movements for further improvement of the student's education, to create a closer and more meaningful student-faculty relationship, and to promote the function and importance of the industrial engineer.

Alpha Pi Mu