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Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering Courses

100: INTRODUCTION TO INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING. 3-0-1. Survey of topics to introduce the student to the profession, the department and the curriculum. F.

201: INDUSTRIAL AND SYSTEMS ENGINEERING. 0-3-3. Preq., sophomore standing. An overview of the application of engineering analysis and design principles to industrial and human activity systems. W.

301: INDUSTRIAL COST ANALYSIS. 0-3-3. Analysis and control of manufacturing costs.

400: ENGINEERING STATISTICS. 0-3-3. Preq., Mathematics 231. Application of probability and distribution theory to various branches of engineering. Confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, regression analysis.

401: ENGINEERING STATISTICS. 0-3-3. Preq., Industrial Engineering 400. Analysis of variances, quality control, reliability, and life testing.

402: INTRODUCTION TO OPERATIONS RESEARCH. 0-3-3. Coreq. Industrial Engineering 400. Linear programming, dynamic programming, project scheduling, network flow, inventory control.

404: OPERATIONS RESEARCH. 0-3-3. Preq., Industrial Engineering 400, 402. Industrial engineering applications of queing theory, critical path methods, projects evaluation review technique (PERT), and computer simulation of large systems.

406: COMPUTER APPLICATIONS IN PRODUCTION SYSTEMS. 0-3-3. Preq., Industrial Engineering 402. The planning, analysis, and control of production systems. Emphasis is upon high volume discrete production and flexible manufacturing systems.

408: FACILITIES PLANNING. 0-3-3. Preq., Mechanical Engineering 221. Detail planning for plant location, building, services, materials handling and transportation.

409: PRODUCTION ENGINEERING. 3-2-3. Preq., Mechanical Engineering 221 or consent of the instructor. Methods engineering, work measurement, and production standards.

410: OPERATIONS AND FACILITIES DESIGN I. 0-2-2. Preq., Industrial Engineering 400, 409, and current enrollment in Industrial Engineering 408. Introduction to industrial engineering manufacturing. Designing and analyzing market research, location study, parts lists, material and machine requirements. F.

411: OPERATIONS AND FACILITIES DESIGN II. 0-2-2. Preq., Industrial Engineering 410. Continuation of Industrial Engineering 410, to include production routing, material handling, equipment selection, direct and support personnel requirements, organizational charts, support facilities, quality control and inspection plans. W.

412: OPERATIONS AND FACILITIES DESIGN III. 0-2-2. Preq., Industrial Engineering 411. Continuation of Industrial Engineering 411 to include packaging requirements, workstation design, building and utility specifications, insurance, financial reports, plant layout, computerized plant layout, oral presentations. Sp.

413: INDUSTRIAL ROBOTICS AND AUTOMATED MANUFACTURING. 3-2-3. Preq., Mechanical Engineering 221. Background, structure, drive systems, effectors and the applications of robots in industrial systems.

424: SEMINAR. 0-1-1. Preq., senior standing. Instruction and practice in conference-type discussions of technical and professional matters of interest to industrial engineers.

425: INDUSTRIAL SAFETY. 0-3-3. Preq., junior standing. Principles of domestic and industrial safety.

427: CONSTRUCTION SAFETY. 0-3-3. Preq., junior standing or consent of instructor. Fundamentals of construction safety.

430: FIRE PROTECTION. 0-3-3. Consent of instructor. The study of fire, potential fire hazards, and fire detection and extinguishing systems. 450: SPECIAL PROBLEMS. 1-3 hours credit. Preq., Senior standing and consent of instructor. Selected topics of current interest in Industrial Engineering not covered in other courses.

490: APPLICATIONS OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND EXPERT SYSTEMS IN MECHANICAL AND INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING. 3-2-3. Preq,. permission of instructor. Introduction to artificial intelligence, expert systems and their applications in industrial, mechanical and manufacturing engineering systems.

499: TECHNICAL ENRICHMENT COURSE. 3-0-1. Preq., consent of instructor. Pass/Fail. Varying new technologies. Does not count towards graduation in Industrial Engineering Contact the department for more information. Su,F,W,Sp.