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Mathematics & Statistics

B.S. in Mathematics

Each student majoring in mathematics is assigned an advisor from the Mathematics and Statistics program. The student is requested to meet with his/her advisor at least once during each quarter, at which time courses for the following quarter are decided upon.

Each mathematics major must complete the mathematics curriculum with a grade of 'C' or higher in all mathematics and statistics courses, and must complete a minor. The minor subject must be chosen with the approval of the student's advisor. The minor requirements are listed under the department concerned.

Students who wish to obtain a more intensive degree program with a concentration in statistics-mathematics-engineering are not required to declare a minor if they earn credit for 21 semester credit hours of mathematics, statistics, or engineering courses which are approved by the student's advisor. Note: No course may count toward the required mathematics and statistics courses in the mathematics curriculum and also the statistics-mathematics-engineering concentration.


Pre-Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Drawing of Gauss sphere