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Mathematics & Statistics

Mathematics and Statistics Courses

Mathematics and statistics courses are designed (1) to provide mathematics courses in the core curriculum of undergraduate study, (2) to serve the requirements of undergraduate students pursuing a curriculum in business, education, engineering, etc. (3) to provide undergraduate students majoring in mathematics or statistics a thorough preparation for graduate mathematics or employment in industry or education, (4) to provide M.S. or Ph.D. students mathematics or statistics courses needed for their respective majoring field.

Courses are numbered as follows:

100 level -- freshmen,

200 level -- sophomores,

300 level -- juniors,

400 level -- seniors, and

500 & 600 levels -- graduate students.

Certain 300-, 400- level courses may be taken by graduate students for graduate credit, in such cases, graduate students complete additional research assignments to bring the courses up to graduate level rigor.

Mathematics and Statistics Courses

Mathematics and Statistics Syllabi