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Mathematics and Statistics Job Opportunities

Directly math-related jobs were ranked as the second, third, and fourth best careers in 2011 by the Wall Street Journal. Moreover, several of the top fifty jobs depend on mathematics. Mathematics is important, because it is fundamental to all science and engineering. Many mathematical careers take place in cutting edge fields or they involve great responsibility, so it may not be surprising that, according to the Wall Street Journal, the median salary for mathematicians is $94,000. However, because mathematicians can be used universally, the career path "mathematician" is very hard to define, and some job descriptions may not even include the word "mathematics." Possible careers for those with degrees in mathematics include, information technology, teaching, cryptography, finance, actuarial science, and statistics. In addition to joining these fields, Louisiana Tech graduates who directly entered the work force after earning their B.S. have become Air Force officers, high school teachers, and professional pilots. You can find more information on mathematics-related jobs by following these links to the American Mathematical Society and The Sloan Career Cornerstone Center.

Graduates of Louisiana Tech's bachelor's degree program have also gone on to graduate school in a variety of fields, such as, applied mathematics, computer science, mechanical engineering, nanoscience, physical therapy, physics, pure mathematics, or statistics, at schools like Baylor University, George Washington University of St. Louis, Kansas State University, Louisiana State University, Louisiana Tech University, Southern Methodist University, or SUNY Albany. For more information about graduate school fields and tracks available at Louisiana Tech, go to http://www.latech.edu/graduate_school or http://coes.latech.edu/grad-programs/.