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Mathematics & Statistics

Mathematics and Statistics Education Objectives and Outcomes

Program Educational Objectives

M&SO1. To prepare students for lifelong learning and successful careers using their mathematical and statistical skills

M&SO2. To train students thoroughly in methods of analysis and algebra, including the computational skills appropriate for mathematicians to use when solving problems

M&SO3. To develop the skills pertinent to the practice of mathematics, including the students' abilities to formulate problems, to think creatively, and to synthesize information

M&SO4. To teach students to use current mathematical concepts and data analysis techniques for problem solving

M&SO5. To develop oral and written communication skills that allow students to present information effectively

M&SO6. To instill in our students an understanding of their professional and ethical responsibilities

M&SO7. To afford our students the opportunity to pursue studies in a discipline other than mathematics

Program Outcomes

M&SO01. The ability to use mathematical knowledge to analyze and solve problems

M&SO02. The ability to communicate effectively in oral and written form

M&SO03. Significant attainment of knowledge in at least one discipline other than mathematics

M&SO04. A commitment to engage in life long learning