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Mechanical Engineering

2010 Barnwell Senior Design Contest

Joseph H. Barnwell Mechanical Engineering Senior Design Contest

May 7, 2010

The 2010 Barnwell Senior Design Contest for Mechanical Engineering students was held in conjunction with the 2010 COES Senior Design Conference. There were twelve Mechanical Engineering design teams who competed for at total of $2,000 in cash prizes. Here are abstracts of their design presentations.

Design of a Steerable Impact Mole

Team Name: Team Impact
Project Sponsor: TT Technologies, Inc.
Faculty Advisor: Dr. David Hall

This project is meant to design and fabricate a rear-steering system for the 1.75in diameter model of the pneumatic boring tool known as an "Impact Mole." Our design implements a single hydraulically-powered wedge assembly that attaches to the back of the mole and rotates freely from the rest of the tool, so that the wedge can be activated and the mole turned in any direction, as the mole moves forward. An accelerometer and evaluation board setup will be used to determine the wedge’s orientation and the mole’s incline as it moves through the ground.

Team Members: Matt Myers, Guy Burch, Morgan Talley, Hannah Rowland
Project Web Site: http://sites.google.com/site/impactmole/

Group photo of Team Impact

Earth Saver: Autonomous Material Sorter

Team Name: Team Scrap Fe
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mel Corley

The object of the design competition is to design, build, and test a system capable of rapidly and accurately sorting four waste materials. Our design accomplishes the requirements using simple and direct test to sort the material. Through using our test configuration, we have developed a sound inexpensive system that completely meets the design competition restraints.

Team Members: Jordan Venson, Clint Bass, Phi Pham, Tyler Warehime
Project Web Site: http://sites.google.com/site/teamscrapfe/


Group photo of Team Scrap Fe


Team Name: Team Ramrod
Project Sponsor: Mr. Reggie Humphries
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kelly Crittenden

The purpose of the Animalarm is to deter animals from the highway using sound. The Animalarm will use an Aurdino microcontroller to send a signal to an amplifier. The amplified signal will be sent to a transducer to produce an ultrasonic sound. The sound will only be audible to animals sensitive to ultrasonic frequencies. Also, the Animalarm will be vehicle mounted.

Team Members: Patrick Edwards, Brent Hazelwood, Joram Hadden, and Brandon Jones
Project Web Site: http://sites.google.com/site/latechteamramrod

Group photo of Team Ramrod


Carbon Fiber Wheel

Team Name: Loupal Dogs
Project Sponsor: Louisiana Tech Eco-Marathon Project
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michael Swanbom

Our project is to design a custom set of carbon fiber wheels for the Urban Concept car that Louisiana Tech built for the Shell Eco Marathon Americas. The competition is based completely on vehicle fuel efficiency, so it is crucial that our wheels dissipate as little energy as possible. The use of carbon fiber allows us to generate organic shapes that give us the advantage of strength and rigidity without compromising weight.

Team Members: Bronson Cheramie, Tyler Miller, Jake Jones, and Lekha Acharya
Project Web Site: http://loupaldogs.yolasite.com/

Group photo of Loupal Dogs


EFI Conversion

Team Name: Team Bleu Bayou
Project Sponsor: Louisiana Tech Eco-Marathon Project
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Heath Tims

With this electronic fuel injection conversion project, we plan to convert a fifty cc single cylinder carbureted engine to an electronically controlled fuel injected engine. With this conversion, we intend to better the fuel efficiency of the engine ran in the 2009 competition by the Eco-Car Team sponsored here at Louisiana Tech University. To achieve this goal, the throttle body and most of the mechanical components will be designed and constructed. This project will also include programming and testing to maximize fuel efficiency.

Team Members: Jonathan Nicholson, Peter Scurlock, Clint Robichaux, Lee Gilley
Project Web Site: http://sites.google.com/site/teambleubayou/

Group photo of Team Bleu Bayou


Design Study and Implementation of a Thermoelectric Generator

Team Name: Team Scavenger
Project Sponsor: Louisiana Tech University—Dr. Leland Weiss
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Leland Weiss

Our team is designing a device that can be used to recover some of the energy lost in the form of heat from the exhaust of a small engine. To regain some of this wasted energy, thermoelectric generators (TEG's) are being implemented in our design. Our design consists of an exhaust gas heat exchanger and two air-cooled heat sinks which will be used to create a temperature difference between the hot and cold sides of the TEG's. Our prototype will use the power from the TEG's to operate some small electrical components.

Team Members: Carter Rossett, Michael Christy, Aaron Dressel, Jonathan Grant, Cody Harger Project Web Site: http://www.sites.google.com/site/teamscavenger/

Group photo of Team Scavenger

Autonomous Waste Material Sorter

Team Name: Super Seniors
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mel Corley

The 2010 ASME Student Design Competition addresses the need for new, efficient and cost‐effective waste material sorters. Our goal is to design, build, and test an autonomous system capable of accurately sorting common recyclable materials, specifically plastic, glass, ferrous metal, and nonferrous metal. The objects will be poured into a hopper and funnel down to a chute that aligns the objects for sorting. Each object will be sorted by weight and deposited into its appropriate container.

Team Members: Babajide Jagunna, Tremaine Lombard, Nicolette Melancon, and Clyde Smith
Project Web Site: https://sites.google.com/site/superseniorsproject/

Group photo of Super Seniors

HVAC Design

Team Name: ASHRAE Team
Project Sponsor: John Guth & Associates
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mark Barker

The complete HVAC design of the Re-entry Facility for newly released inmates located in Shreveport, LA. The goal is to make the design efficient by reducing yearly operating cost by 30%.

Team Members: Neil Redford, Cory Morris, Patrick Slaughter, Douglas Gary
Project Web Site: http://sites.google.com/site/ashraedesignteam/

Group photo of ASHRAE Team


2010 ASME Student Design Competition

Team Name: Trinary Solutions
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mel Corley

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers 2010 Senior Design Competition challenges students to design and build an autonomous waste sorter capable of recognizing and separating recyclable items into four different classes. The items to be sorted are plastic bottles, aluminum cans, tin-coated steel cans, and glass containers. The competition score is based on a combination of the design weight, the time required for sorting, and the device's ability to separate items based on type.

Team Members: Todd Schrier, James Johnson, Todd Roberts, Christopher Russo
Project Web Site: http://www.engr.me

Group photo of Trinary Solutions

Design and Development of an Active Cooling Module (ACM)

Team Name: Team Blackbox
Project Sponsor: NASA
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Hisham Hegab

One of the ongoing challenges to the continued increases in computational performance of computers and electronics is the thermal management of the heat produced by the electronic components. The goal of this project is the development and demonstration of an active cooling module that can provide tens of degrees of cooling for a 100W device in a cm-scale device with a coefficient of performance greater than 0.5.

Team Members: Jacob Ellard, Henry Rose, James Gibson, Quinton Baker
Project Web Site: http://sites.google.com/site/teamblackboxproject

Group photo of Team Blackbox


Portable Solar Tracking Device

Team Name: Mechanical Mercenaries
Project Sponsor: Mr. David Gremillion
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Chad O'Neal

Does the idea of bundling the power of the sun inside a suitcase size portable device sound interesting you? If so, we have designed a self contained portable solar tracking mechanism to help you "create" your own power in remote locations. For less than $1200 you can own this fully assembled and configured system, complete with a solar panel, tracking device, and mounting stand. All of the aforementioned materials are bundled inside a 2ft x 2ft box on wheels to make transporting your system a breeze.

Team Members: Alex Dempsey, Danial Bellew, Ryan Marty, Shane Matherne
Project Web Site: http://sites.google.com/site/mechanicalmercenaries

Group photo of Mechanical Mercenaries


Integrated Fruit Freshness Sensor

Team Name: HSMS Engineering
Project Sponsor: Louisiana Tech University—Dr. Chad O’Neal
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Chad O'Neal

Every year large amounts of produce spoil in route to retail markets. During shipment, ethylene gas is produced, which shortens the shelf life of many fruits by hastening the ripening process. We have developed a wireless ethylene sensor system to monitor the concentration of ethylene gas in produce shipments. Accurate monitoring of ethylene levels during shipment will reduce produce spoilage by providing management with the necessary information needed to reroute products to alternate destinations and improve shipping efficiency.

Team Members: Christopher Moseley, Joseph Hicks, Kyle Smith, Al Saurage
Project Web Site: http://sites.google.com/site/hsmsengineering/

Group photo of HSMS Engineering