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2013 Barnwell Senior Design Contest

Joseph H. Barnwell Mechanical Engineering Senior Design Contest

May 3, 2013

The 2013 Barnwell Senior Design Contest for Mechanical Engineering students was held in conjunction with the 2013 College of Engineering and Science Senior Design Conference. Thirteen Mechanical Engineering design teams competed for a total of $2,000 in cash prizes. Here are abstracts of their design presentations.


Bag Validation System

Team Name: Bag Validation Team
Team Members: Andrew Lewis, Jason Reich, Jake Eppehimer, Colin Carver, Sangeet Shrestha
Project Sponsor: ConAgra Foods - Lamb Weston
Faculty Advisor: Mr. Jeff Pike

This year, the Louisiana Tech Bag Validation team worked in conjunction with ConAgra Foods on the design and development of an automated Bag Validation System, which uses machine vision software along with thermal imaging, to detect irregularities in the bag's seals on the production line. Our system is designed to increase plant efficiency and the amount of properly sealed products being shipped to customers. Thus, decreasing product waste and increasing ConAgra Foods’ profit while making them a leader in machine vision technology!

Group photo of the Bag Validation Team


Custom Made Manual Clutch

Team Members: Daniel Davis, Rachel Delatte, Laurie Guidroz, CJ Triola
Project Sponsor: Louisiana Tech University Eco-Marathon Team
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michael Swanbom

The purpose of this project is to build a custom made manual clutch for the Louisiana Tech Eco-Marathon team. The automatic clutch that is presently being used on the Eco-Marathon slips at low speeds. Our goal is to construct a manual clutch that will prevent slippage, which will ultimately conserve energy during competitions. The scope of our project is to take a preexisting automatic clutch and redesign it to work as a manual clutch.

Group photo of Lift-UR-Desk



Team Name: Lift-UR-Desk
Team Members: Caleb Semmes, Thomas Teakell, Matthew Newberry, Matthew Cathey
Project Sponsor: Aeropress
Faculty Advisor: Dr. David Hall

The project is a lift desk that raise and lower using gas struts. The desk is a table top that will sit on top of the user's desk, and have the same dimensions of the user's current desk top. In order to raise and lower the desk, the user will assist the lift desk in doing so.

Group photo of Lift-UR-Desk


Lift Platform for Leg Construction

Team Name: Lift Platform for Leg Construction Team
Team Members: Anthony Assoko Mve, Emily Breaux, Richard Hargis, Mark Pellittieri
Project Sponsor: Remote Control Inspection Device
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mel Corley

The purpose of this project is to design a self-powered platform capable of moving workers and equipment vertically along the legs of a liftboat. This platform should be a safe working space and should be modular for easy storage. The main purpose of the platform will be to update the way leg segments are assembled to make a safer and more productive working environment.

 Group photo of Lift Platform for Leg Construction Team


Remote Control Inspection Device

Team Name: Plug & Chug
Team Members: LaMathrick Bynum, Arshield Carey, Jamelle Clements, Darrian L. Duncan, Matthew D. Elliott, Jonathan L. Roque
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mel Corley

After the tragedy at the Fukushima nuclear facility following the March 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, the nuclear industry has issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) to design and build a small, remotely-controlled inspection vehicle. The task is to design a remotely-controlled, proof-of-concept vehicle for inspection purposes. The vehicle must be able to negotiate around obstacles, both in getting to the inspection points and in bringing the sensor back to the designated return area. The vehicle must then return to its starting location, ready for another run.

Group photo of Plug & Chug


Stainless Steel Tube Stress Anneal Improvement

Team Name: Stainless Steel Tube Stress Anneal Improvement Team
Team Members: James Kelly, Billy Newby, Sarah Paul, and Nicole Roberts
Project Sponsor: Plymouth Tube
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kunal Kupwade Patil

Our team was assigned with modifying a heat treating station at Plymouth Tube. This heat treating station removes residual stress in U-bend stainless steel tubes using an electrical system. The electrical system passes high current through the bent section of the tubing until the heat treating criteria are met. A periodical electrical arcing problem caused damage to some of the tubes, yielding the tubes unusable. This was a very costly problem that needed immediate attention.

Group photo of Stainless Steel Tube Stress Anneal Improvement Team