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Brigadier General William L. Mitchell, Jr.


In recognition of outstanding service and leadership in the engineering profession.

Gen. William “Billy” L. Mitchell graduated from Louisiana Tech University with a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering in May 1937.

After graduation from Louisiana Tech, Gen. Mitchell attended the U.S. Military Academy and graduated from the Academy in 1941.

He served as a fighter squadron commander during World War II and flew combat missions over the Aleutians and Japan. He served as a fighter-bomber group commander in Korea and flew 67 combat missions there. He was appointed Chief of Combat Operations for the 5th Air Force in Korea.

Other leadership positions that Gen. Mitchell held included:  Deputy Chief of the Tactical Air Division at the Pentagon; Director of the Tactical Air Command at Langley Air Force Base; Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff of the Military Assistance Command in Vietnam; Commander of the 314th Air Division in Korea (he represented the Air Force at Panmunjom); Deputy Director of Operations at the National Command Center for the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon; and, Assistant Chief of Staff for the North American Defense Command at Colorado Springs. Gen. Mitchell retired in 1970 with the rank of Brigadier General after 33 years of service.