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James F. Naylor, Jr.


In recognition of outstanding service and leadership in the engineering profession.

James F. Naylor graduated from Louisiana Polytechnic Institute in 1928 with a B.S. degree in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.

Mr. Naylor began his professional career as a sales engineer with a company that later became a division of the Carrier Corporation. In 1941, he moved to The Trane Company where he later became manager of the St. Louis office.

In 1953, Mr. Naylor resigned from The Trane Company and started J. F. Naylor & Company, a mechanical contracting business in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. From this beginning, his business ventures expanded, leading to the formation of a number of other enterprises. He formed Naylor Pipe Cleaning Company in 1963, and Naylor Pipe Cleaning Company in Texas in 1966. He became one of the first U.S. licensees of the InsituformTM process, a process to install new pipe in existing underground pipe. His companies were active in underground pipe inspection, cleaning and trenchless restoration in Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. In 1976, he sold the mechanical contracting business and concentrated his time on two businesses: Insituform Gulf South and Naylor Industries, Inc. Another of his companies, Naylor Supply Company, represented a number of manufacturers of pipe cleaning equipment.

Mr. Naylor remained active in his businesses until 1995. His engineering career spanned sixty-seven years; forty-two of these years were spent as a remarkably successful business owner.

In 1985, Mr. Naylor was selected as the first recipient of the Louisiana Tech University College of Engineering Distinguished Alumnus Award.