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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Facilities

Basic Measurements Laboratory Bogard Hall 118

This laboratory contains six student stations for the acquisition and analysis of experimental data. Each student station consists of a Dell 3 GHz computer interfaced with a data acquisition and control system. Software for data acquisition programming, data reduction, curve fitting, graph plotting and statistical analysis is provided for each student station. A variety of transducers for sensing physical parameters is provided. A monitor projector allows the monitor display from one of the student stations to be projected on a large screen at the front of the room. This laboratory is also used as a general-purpose computing laboratory. In addition to the software directly related to measurement and data analysis, the computers are equipped with word processor, spreadsheet, graphics, programming language and engineering computation software.

Dynamic System Lab

Under the direction of Dr. Heath Tims, this teaching and research lab is devoted to dynamic systems, vibrations, and automatic controls. The lab is equipped with two Ono-Sokki dual-channel Fourier analyzers, accelerometers and impulse hammers with signal conditioning, an MB-Dynamics 50 pound electrodynamic shaker and power amplifier, Hewlett-Packard waveform generators and frequency meters, an electric servo control workbench, and numerous custom built spring-mass-damper and pendulum demonstration systems. This lab supports courses in dynamic systems, vibrations, automatic controls, and mechatronics. It also supports research in vibration isolation, machine condition monitoring, structural modal analysis, and automatic control systems.

Microcomputer Laboratory Bogard Hall 322

Bogard Hall 322 contains 24 high-end Dell computers equipped with Microsoft Office 2007, Mathcad 14, ANSYS, Solid Edge 20, NX 5, and other software used within COES. A networked laser printer is also available. The lab is connected to the campus network (INTERNET). Access is by numeric keypad.

Thermofluids Lab

The Thermofluids Laboratory has the capability of supporting graduate research, sponsored programs, and senior thermal design projects in the areas of conduction, heat transfer, forced and natural convection, and heat exchangers. A special tube bank apparatus is available for research involving flow visualization and combined forced/natural convection in tube banks. Automated data acquisition systems are available, along with programmable controllers, for heat transfer research and instruction at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The laboratory has the equipment for generation of liquid nitrogen for cryogenic heat transfer research, in addition to the instrumentation and equipment needed for heat transfer in the above-ambient temperature range. Completely instrumented experiments for Rankine cycle, Brayton cycle, and centrifugal pumps are available.

Manufacturing Processes Lab

The Manufacturing Processes Laboratory contains a complete suite of metal processing machinery and a working foundry. The laboratory supports the manufacturing processing and senior capstone design courses. Users of the laboratory undergo safety training and must be certified on each piece of equipment before operating it. Students in MEEN 321 use the Manufacturing Processes Lab to fabricate a working bench grinder and students in MEEN 480-482 use the laboratory to fabricate working prototypes of their capstone design projects.