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Nanosystems Engineering

B.S. in Nanosystems Engineering

The B.S. in Nanosystems Engineering (NSE) is a four year undergraduate program leading to an engineering degree. The Nanosystems Engineering Program draws on the strengths of all the basic sciences and Louisiana Tech University's College of Engineering and Science's Integrated Freshman and Sophomore Engineering curricula. The upper level portion of the curriculum provides specialized courses in nanotechnology materials, measurements, and fabrication techniques as well as a capstone experience on a nanosystems engineering project. The degree program offers the choice to include an engineering concentration area from biomedical, chemical, electrical, mechanical or microsystems engineering.

Graduates with a nanosystems engineering degree will have many opportunities at the boundaries of traditional engineering due to the cross-disciplinary nature of their degree. We expect many of our graduates from this program may choose to pursue research-based careers by going on to graduate study or working at government laboratories and/or research centers. Graduates who wish to work in a commercial environment will find ever expanding opportunities in the many new nanotechnology companies that have started. The National Science Foundation projects "the market for nanotechnology to be over $1 trillion annually within the next 10-15 years and has estimated that two million workers will be needed to support nanotechnology industries by 2015. Whatever the environment, commercial or research, these employment opportunities will be very exciting and at the cutting edge of technology.


Pre-Fall 2016 Curriculum

Fall 2016 Curriculum